Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm thankful for....

.....Jesus, my husband, my children, our familes in the states, our mission family, friends, our ministry, Zambians, Zach being home, good food, power all day so that I could cook, rain so that it wasn't so hot, being home, and all of God's blessings!!!

Sorry, this picture did not get focused right by the one taking it but I still wanted to put it in here.

Our Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mountain Climbing

While we were in Petauke for 40/40 Justin and Kevin slipped away a couple of times to go mountain climbing. Justin really enjoys this activity and is not fearful at all. Here are a few pics. of their experience.

It is a beautiful view from up on top.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is Kevin's birthday. I won't tell you how old he is because he might get embarrassed. The kids fixed him breakfast in bed. They made an omlet, grapes, and coffee. We just relaxed today and tried to get some rest after such a busy month. Then tonight I had to fix his special dinner in the dark since the power was off. It all tasted good though. Our whole family is so thankful for Kevin. He means so much to us as he is a great husband and father.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Seminary Graduation

Today was graduation at our Baptist Theological Seminary of Zambia. We knew two men that were celebrating this special day because they came from Chongwe. They each had completed Bible School in Chongwe and then went to seminary for 3 years. Today, I heard one of them say, "we are all done." Yes, they are all finished with seminary but the adventure is just about to begin for them both. Please pray for them as they seek where God is wanting them to go and serve.

Van Thompson as he calls out each name to come receive their certificate.



This was the receiving line after graduation.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Saying Good-bye

It is always so hard to say bye to those you have grown so close to. Here are all the participants and staff of this Oct/Nov. session of 40/40. They all came to serve as missionaries in Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, and Madagascar. Please pray for all of them as they travel back to their countries and begin language study and ministry.

Fequiere and Sarah saying good-bye.

On our last night we had a variety show. The little ones showed their books that they made.

Ebby Musika and Melodie told an African joke.

Tessa and Jeff gave out awards to all the participants.

The mk's helped act out and tell an african folk tale.

Ibis Gardens

The last 4 nights of 40/40 are spent at Ibis Gardens. This is a very nice location to finish up our program. The participants were taught a language learning tool called PILAT. They met with some people from administration and learned about their jobs. It was also a good time to celebrate all that we had learned during this whole experience. There was free time also so people were able to swim, hang out, play pool, or watch a movie.

This is Katie, Michelle, and Michael doing one of the exercises in PILAT.

These are guinea fowl that just roamed around the property.

Everyone had a good time at the pool.

Monday, November 17, 2008

They are off to their homestays!

This past Friday all the participants headed out for their homestays. It is during this time that they get to put into practice everything they have learned during this program. They will each go and live with a Zambian family for 3 nights. They work alongside of them in the fields, cook and eat with them, go out and visit people with them, just whatever they do the participants will do also. This more than anything, gives the participants a glimpse into African life and the issues that are important to the people God has called them to reach. Historically, participants have come away from this part of the program feeling humbled, burdened, and also prepared to love and minister to their own people group. Having walked a "mile in their shoes," they feel better prepared for their own missionary task.
On Monday morning they will head back to camp, load up on the buses, and go west for about a 7 hours to Ibis Gardens. This is a nice lodge where the participants learn a method of language learning called PILAT. They will learn some administrative things. They will have an opportunity to debrief their 40/40 experience as well. Then in the afternoons they will have some free time to just relax and have fun.

Roxie and Kristin as they head out to their homestay.

Tessa and Melodie

Sarah and Mary

Two families and four singles were going to be staying in the boma(town) so they had to be taken in the van.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mk's travel to a local farm

One day we took all the children about 3 kilometers from our camp to a farm. The farm manager, Bilison, took us around to see all the animals. They had pigs, goats, ducks, guinea fowl, chickens, rabbits, donkeys, and cows. Bilison showed us how they are experimenting with different types of fertilizer for their maize to see which does the best. He showed us how they burn bricks too. After our ox cart ride around the property, Miriam, who is a missionary from Holland, had some refreshments for us all at her home. We all had such a great time!

The kids enjoyed holding this little baby goat.

They had lots of rabbits.

They taught us how people mold and burn bricks. This is where they place the bricks inside and bake them.

They hooked up the ox cart....

...and we went for a ride.

Eli enjoyed watching all the goats.

There is a grinding mill on the farm where people can bring their maize and have it ground into mealie meal

Skills to know

40/40 is not just about cultural learning but also about learning life skills that can help you live better overseas. Below you will see some pictures of some of the things taught. Some learned how to tie different knots. Others practiced their baking skills without a real oven. The participants also learned how to drive on the left side of the road. I didn't get a picture of that one, I was getting out of their way.

Bryce taught all the mk's how to make a fire.

Bryce and Justin working together to light the fire with matches.

Good job!

Matthew practiced starting a fire with a magnifying glass. This was also successful.

Sheraya using a sickle.

Becky having a turn also.

Bambo Mwanza teaching the mk's different uses of a machete.
Here he is teaching how to cut down limbs or trees.

Bryce celebrating after cutting down a small tree.


He also showed us how to dig a hole with a machete so that you can place the poles in the ground and they will stand up.

Some learned how to change a tire.

Here Dan is teaching what all he always carries with him.

Peggy and Mwaka taught how to kill a chicken and cut it up.