Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Ramblings of 2009

I can hardly believe that 2009 will be over in just a few more min. I think the older I get that the time goes by so much faster. It has been a great year for us with many new and exciting things going on in our family. We, of course, have had to deal with some hardships along the way too. God is always faithful though! I am so thankful for Him and His work in our lives. I can't even imagine what my life would be like without Him in it. We are looking forward to 2010! We still have one more 4040 coming up in April-May. We will go and visit some of our missionaries in Zambia. We are beginning our new job as ACSL in Zambia so that is exciting too. Then in July we will be going on our stateside assignment after Zach graduates from high school! Then he will start college!! Many exciting things are coming up this year and we are looking forward to seeing how God will work in our lives.
This week I will have gone to the airport 4 times. I hate going to the airport because it is usually to say good-bye to someone. I put the boys on a plane to Joburg. on Monday so that they could go to mk camp. Then Kevin left today to go work on his PHD and will be gone until Jan. 23rd. This, by the way is the longest that we have been seperated! The boys will come back from camp on Sat. only to leave again on Monday to go back to school. So it will just be me and Hannah for several weeks. Pray for us if you think about it.
Well, I can hear fireworks outside!! Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chongwe Happenings

We have been without power for the last 26 hours because lightening struck the transformer outside our gate yesterday during a big storm. It did not effect all of Chongwe just our end of town. We called this morning and Zesco(power company) told us that they were waiting on the new transformer to come from Lusaka(45 min. away). Finally, around 2:00pm we saw them driving down the road loaded with our new transformer. By 3:00 our power was restored, Yipee! Then the truck tried to back out of the yard they had parked in only to get stuck. Kevin pulled them out part of the way and then they tried their other methods such as pushing and using a cum-a-long. It started to rain again so I left. I can still hear them out there now, three hours later still trying to get out. Kevin just got back and said that now they have a tractor trying to help which is now also stuck. In this whole process the big truck has busted one of the main water lines for this end of town so there is even more standing water. It looks like it could be a long night for these men.

When all else fails, push!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Fire crackers are popping outside, it is about 95 degrees in the house, presents have been opened, good food has been eaten so our bellies are full, and Jesus' birthday has been celebrated! We have had a fun filled day! We pray you will all enjoy your CHRISTmas too!

Yes, we are all under the tree! We took this pic. after all the presents had been opened. You should see some of the pics. Zach took in the process of getting in this position. Memories!
This will be Zach's last Christmas in Zambia for a long time since he will be graduating from high school in July. It has been so special to have our whole family together during this school break.

We have our big meal on Christmas Eve and then enjoy leftovers Christmas day so that I don't have to spend my whole Christmas day in the kitchen. We had a wonderful Turkey which Kevin cooked for us. Then our side dishes were: rolls, potato casserole, vegetable casserole, corn casserole, green beans, cranberry and apple casserole, and gravy. Yum Yum! We also eat on our fine china so that makes it special too.

Hannah with her Tigger Christmas Stocking.

The boys really enjoy Dr. Pepper to drink and sometimes you can find them here in Zambia. Some other goodies from the states the kids got were pop tarts, slim jims, pop rocks, junior mints, nerds, tootsie pops, and double bubble gum.

Hannah got a small little computer with learning games on it.

Zach with some fireworks that he got. We'll probably shoot them off tonight.

Justin got an ipod docking system with speakers.

After we open our presents we open our stockings. This is always everyone's favorite part!

Hannah and I both got some new ear rings for Christmas. You may not be able to tell what mine are but they are coke light bottle tops flattened out. Hannah bought them for me in an outdoor market in Lusaka. Coke lights are my favorite soft drink!

Here is a second family pic. of us.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Don't forget those who feel forgotten

Many families across the world will gather together over the next several days to celebrate Christmas. They will be celebrating the birthday of Jesus. Others will gather together to celebrate Santa Claus and all that entails. However, there are others that will be alone, who have nothing and will get nothing. Some will go hungry, will be dealing with a death in the family, or are in a desperate situation and have no hope. These are the people I want us to remember this Christmas, as we gather around our loved ones and celebrate in whatever way that we do. There are so many in this world who are hurting and feel forgotten. Yesterday we got news that one of our pastor's little 1 year old baby had died. So today we traveled an hour past our house to go and visit this dear family. This is the story we heard. This family had 3 children sick with malaria at the same time. The parents took them all to the hospital which is about 20 miles from their home. While there, they all needed a transfusion but the doctor could not find a vein on the baby. This little baby died. The oldest son has been released, but the mother is still at the hospital with the other child, and they had to bury the baby there at the hospital. Hopefully, they will be able to come home in the next couple of days. We were only able to visit with the father and some of the other family members. We took a bag of mealie meal to the family to help out and while we were there we tried to encourage the family, and of course pray for them. The mother and her baby were faithful to come to every women's meeting when I was teaching at Kamilulu Baptist Church. The father is the pastor of that church and one of the leaders in that association. Please pray for the Daka family as they deal with this loss at this time.

So many times we tend to focus on ourselves and our immediate family during the holidays. This was a good wake up call for us. We need to keep our eyes off of ourselves and keep them focused on Jesus and pray that He will open our eyes to those around us who are hurting.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1st Corinthians 13- A Christmas Version

1st Corinthians 13 – A Christmas Version

If I decorate my house perfectly with plaid bows, strands of twinkling lights and shiny balls, but do not show love to my family, I'm just another decorator .

If I slave away in the kitchen, baking dozens of Christmas cookies, preparing gourmet meals and arranging a beautifully adorned table at mealtime, but do not show love to my family, I'm just another cook.

If I work at the soup kitchen, carol in the nursing home and give all that I have to charity, but do not show love to my family, it profits me nothing .

If I trim the spruce with shimmering angels and crocheted snowflakes, attend a myriad of holiday parties and sing in the choir's cantata but do not focus on Christ, I have missed the point .

Love stops the cooking to hug the child. Love sets aside the decorating to kiss the husband. Love is kind, though harried and tired. Love doesn't envy another's home that has coordinated Christmas china and table linens.

Love d oesn't yell at the kids to get out of the way, but is thankful they are there to be in the way. Love doesn't give only to those who are able to give in return but rejoices in giving to those who can't.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. Video games will break, pearl necklaces will be lost, golf clubs will rust, but giving the gift of love will endure . Merry Christmas and lots of love to you and yours!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hannah's Baptism

Sunday, Dec. 13th, Hannah was baptized at Twin Palms Baptist Church here in Zambia. She prayed and repented of her sins and asked Jesus to come into her heart Sept. 16th. On this day she was being obedient to God to follow Him in baptism. She even shared a short testimony with those who were watching. Then Kevin shared a bit about how we have seen her life change in just a few short months. It was so good to have some of our mission family there to help us celebrate along with our Zambian friends. Please pray for Hannah as she continues to grow in her relationship with Jesus.

We sang a song to begin with.

Hannah sharing her testimony.

Kevin was thrilled to be the one to baptize her.
All 3 of our children have been baptized here!
"I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

you are buried with Christ in baptism ..
..raised to walk in a brand new life."

Her Aunt Betty prayed for her.
This pic. is of some people who were in attendance.

After her baptism we went to Wimpy's for lunch with the Vines family. We gave her this cross necklace as a baptismal gift.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wedding in Zambia

Saturday, we had the privilege of going to a wedding where we knew the bride and the groom very well. Kabinga Buleya and Christabel Mbewe were joined together as husband and wife. Weddings are a little different here compared to how they are in America. For example the wedding was supposed to start at 11:00 but it didn't actually start until 12:15. The reception was supposed to start at 2:00 but didn't start until about 3:00. This was our first city wedding to attend so it was a little different than the ones out in the bush. I wish I could add video so you could see just how lively the reception was. There was a lot of dancing going on. The bridal party danced in. Then the groom danced in and went back to get his wife so they then both danced up to the front together. They danced to deliver the cakes to each side of the family. The couple had what they called their first ballroom dance and then the wedding party joined in with that. There were lots of food, soft drinks, and loud music. It was really a fun day!

Mbewe walking his daughter down the aisle.

Kabinga unveiling Christabell.
(sidenote: that is someone taking pics. right up there where the couple was. In fact, there were two taking pics. and one making a video)

"I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Kabinga Buleya." They really are happy. I have yet to go to a Zambian wedding where they smiled. Since it is a serious event they think they have to look serious the whole time. There were a lot more smiles at the reception.

The couple cutting the cake at the reception.
Before the couple cuts the cake there is a knife boy or girl who dances in with the knife. As he/she dances, people go up and put money in their shirt or pockets. This is quite lively!

The couple danced to get a portion of the cake and then danced to take one to the grooms side of the family and then another to the brides side of the family. After they fed each other some cake Kabinga finally leaned over and gave her a kiss. At the wedding he just hugged her which is quite common here.

Me and Kevin before we left for the wedding

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can you help, please?

Who is Lottie Moon?

Born into privilege on a Virginia plantation, Charlotte Digges Moon was a smart, forceful woman who could have achieved most any goal. But God’s call focused Lottie’s life on sharing Christ’s love with China’s lost masses. For 37 years she endured hardship and danger in a land oppressed by famine, disease and war. In the end, she loved the Chinese people more than life itself, giving her own food to starving neighbors – eventually dying of starvation herself.

Why is Southern Baptists’ international missions offering named for this early missionary? Throughout her career, Lottie wrote numerous letters home urging Southern Baptists to greater missions involvement and support. One of those letters, excerpted below, triggered Southern Baptists’ first offering for international missions in 1888 – enough to send three more missionaries to China.

“How many there are … who imagine that because Jesus paid it all, they need pay nothing, forgetting that the prime object of their salvation was that they should follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in bringing back a lost world to God.”--Lottie Moon, Tengchow, China, Sept. 15, 1887.

As missionaries with the International Mission Board, we are a part of one of the best mission sending agencies ever. We have always been taken care of in all areas, including financial. We are all blessed to serve the Lord overseas as Southern Baptist missionaries. The majority of our funding comes from the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) which is collected during this time of year annually. Last year our financial goal was not met. Since it was not met several different areas were affected. Our cluster prayer retreats and annual meetings for 2010 will not be held. Our MK's 12 and up attend an annual camp which will also be affected in 2010. All missionaries' work budgets, retirement, and medical benefits have also been decreased. In addition to these cuts we are also decreasing the number of new personnel who are being appointed to the field in order to stay within budget. We continue to praise the Lord even in the midst of these cutbacks for we know that He is sovereign. We also know that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and His desire is for the lost to believe in Him and be saved. As we continue sharing the gospel we ask you to prayerfully consider what amount you will give to the LMCO. Our LMCO goal this year is $175 million. Pray with us that this goal is met and exceeded resulting in more missionaries being appointed to reach the unreached.

We, as the Baptist Mission of Zambia are here because so many people/churches have given in the past. It is true that we are experiencing tough times in the USA and all over the world at this time. So we know, that whatever is given as an offering this year is going to be a sacrifice. We have sacrificed by leaving our families, jobs, and homes in the states to come and plant our lives in Zambia. I know it may look like we have a lot of missionaries in Zambia but the work is not finished. There is still so much to do! Many of you have sacrificed by praying for all of us, our people groups, and our countries. Some of you have even sacrificed by coming on short term mission trips to Zambia and other places throughout the world. Now, we are asking if you can please help again by giving to this offering. You can visit: and give online or you can give through your local Southern Baptist Church. We just want to thank you in advance for your sacrifice of giving!

How much does it cost to support a missionary?

• $40,931.64 a year
• $3,410.97 a month
• $787.15 a week
• $112.14 a day
• $4.67 an hour
• $.08 a minute

Support includes housing, vehicle, food, children's education, medical expenses, retirement and more. The following pics. are meant to just be a reminder to where your money is going.

If you give, we are able to continue to homeschool. Your money goes to buy my school books and allow my mom to stay home and teach me.

If you give, many others like these new missionaries to Africa will be provided with a good orientation program, 40/40, to help them learn African culture. "Thank You!"

"This is money so well spent. I am not sure what the other places around the world are doing as far as training but I am here to tell you that if you gave money to the IMB this past year, it was well spent in the education of its missionaries in Sub-Saharan Africa."-Kenny Vines-new missionary to Zambia.

"Thank you for giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Because you give I get to live in the great country of Zambia. I just got saved a few months ago and now I am teaching my friends about Jesus. Each afternoon I go to my neighbors house and share bible stories with them. My best friend even prayed to receive Christ!"- Hannah

Thank you!

Thank you! We live a long way from other people. This man came in a boat and brought us Bibles in our own language.
We have been taught the Word of God because you gave.

Your giving allows us to drive this 4 wheel drive truck so we can get to hard to reach places.
You also provide fuel for our truck!

Thank you!

Zikomo Kwambili!(Thank You!) My name is Daisy Chipanga. Because you give, there is a missionary that is able to drive an hour from her home and come teach the women in Petauke. I take the things I learn from her and teach others. Many women this past year have taken off their charms and stopped going to the witchdoctor and decided to follow Jesus!

My family, like many others, have been changed because of HIV/AIDS. Please give so that our lives can be changed because of the truth of God's Word.

Thank you for giving! I was able to hear about True Love Waits from a missionary. My husband and I are committed to just be with one another.

Your gifts went to buy this boat so that Kevin can tell others about Jesus along this river.

Thank you!


One day, some men came to my house and told me about Jesus. I repented of my sins and received Christ. Thank you for your gifts which allowed these men to come.

If you give, I may have the opportunity to hear the gospel one day and follow Jesus.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday, Hannah!

Today was Hannah's 9th birthday. I can hardly believe that my youngest child is 9 years old. We are so blessed to have her as our daughter. She is truly growing into a beautiful young lady.

Hannah wanted to go to Adventure city for the day so after enjoying choc. chip waffles for breakfast we headed to Lusaka. We were the only ones there the whole time! That has never happened. It was like we had rented the whole water park.

Since no one was there I even went down the slides. I felt like a kid again! However, after walking up those steps about 25 times I definitely felt my age.

See, it just isn't me...after you go over that second hump it is a little scary!


Dorcas and Deborah with Hannah

Blowing out her 9 candle.

opening presents

Evie made this pillow for Hannah's birthday. It is hard to tell in this pic. but she embroidered Hannah's name and a rabbit in that middle square. This pic. was taken on Thanksgiving day. Evie and all of Hannah's other mk friends live too far away to come back after just a week or so. Hannah loves all of her friends so much!