Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 Night Homestay

 Friday morning everyone packed up their things that they would need for the weekend and headed out to stay with a Zambian family.  Some walked and others had to be dropped off because of distance.  Here are some of my favorite pics. which I took and then some of these I got from others.

 Suzie, Adam, and Phoebe H. waiting to be picked up.

 As soon as people started leaving the camp staff was already taking down tents.

 Some of the camp staff

 Some of the journey girls waiting to go.


 While the participants are at their homestay they do whatever their host family is doing.  So if they go out to work in the fields they go as well.  

 Barbara and Karissa heading out.


 Heather heading back into camp.  I love this picture!

 Britnee eating some sugar cane.

 Many of the women get to cook, grind, wash dishes, or wash clothes with their host.

This is such a great experience for the participants.  Most often it is their favorite part of 40/40!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Going to a local village

 We took the kids to visit a local village one day for a cultural field trip. 
We walked throughout the whole village so we got to see and experience lots of neat things.
As you can see we usually attract some other little children who like to follow us around.
Daniel pumping water.
We got to pound groundnuts(peanuts).

We also got to shell corn.
A couple of our kids even joined in a soccer game.
This was a great experience for the kids to see what life is like in the village.  Many of them were about to stay in a village for their homestay.  More on that in the next post!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Going to the farm

 One day we all piled into the van and truck and took the kids to a nearby farm.  The kids enjoyed seeing lots of animals and riding an ox cart.

 The pigs are always a big hit but not with me because they smell so bad.  I stayed away this time and let someone else take pics. for me.

 Phoebe holding a pig.

 They even got to hold goats.  Not sure if Macey is enjoying it or not.

 Bethany and Zoe 

 riding on an oxcart

 Taylor with her nanny Bertha

 Jonathan and Makayla

Meghen and Zoe

 We learned about farming God's way.

 Baylee and Ryleigh

the whole group