Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tea with the Chief's wife and sister

 One of the Daily Field Assignments that the participants do is to go visit the chief.  So while the men go to visit him the women are preparing to have a tea with the chiefs wife and his sister.  The women break up into different groups such as: decorating, baking, music/drama, and wrapping/giving the gift.  By the time I get back from picking up these women everything is ready and our room has been transformed.  We had a good visit with these ladies.

 Everyone introduced themselves to our guests.

 We shared some songs with them.

 They even had  a little drama prepared.

 Barbara presented the gift.

 An unexpected guess crashed our tea!  While we were singing a snake started slithering out of a pipe up near the roof.  Bart was close by and came in to kill it.  We just kept singing except for the momentary scream!! Ha!  This was a 40/40 first!

40/40 ladies with our guests.

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