Monday, February 17, 2014

Visiting with Friends

 While we were in Malawi we were able to visit with two couples.  

 Billy and Susan Sanson live in Zomba and work with university students at Chancelor College.  They are doing a wonderful job ministering to these students.  
We met this couple when we went through our training the second time to come overseas.  Hannah was just a baby so it was 13 years ago that we met them.   

 This is where they have chapel in the mornings.

 We went to a restaurant on top of a huge mountain.  It was a rainy day so I wasn't able to take a picture of the view but I'm sure it would be amazing on a clear day.

 Hannah and Susan making a cake.

 This is their view from their front porch.  

 This is one of their dogs.  I just had to take a picture because it looks like she has a heart imprinted on her.

 Later, we went to visit Claudia and John Brown in Blantyre.  I didn't get one of them as a couple, sorry.  Claudia was so gracious and french braided Hannah's hair and also tried out some other styles with her.  

 We went to visit this amazing old church.  It is over 100 years old.

 Suzie and Claudia in the church

 One afternoon we went to this lodge along the river and had lunch.

John and Claudia have been missionaries for many years.  We loved hearing many of their stories.  John is a church planter and Claudia does a lot of counseling and ministers to women through discipleship.  They host many volunteer teams throughout the year doing prayer walking, evangelism, and church planting.
When we left Malawi I felt as if my cup was overflowing!  It was such a good time of fellowship and encouragement.  It was just what we needed!
Pray for these two couples as they serve the Lord in Malawi.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lake Malawi

 We recently visited Lake Malawi for a meeting.  I didn't take any pictures of the meeting, sorry!  I know you must be disappointed in that.  Ha!  We were in the meeting all day but one day late in the afternoon we went out on a boat to a nearby island and got to snorkel.  We saw lots of fish eagles.  The water was warm and we saw lots of beautiful fish.

 It was so beautiful!

 getting a fish

 These birds were all in the trees on the island.

 God thrilled me by allowing me to see some weaver birds which are my favorite!

 This picture was taken from the boat of the shore.

 This is where we stayed.  Looks nice but we had squirrels in our room. Ha!  Thankfully, they stayed up in the rafters!

 We saw this huge snail on our wall one evening.  We also got to see lots of monkeys but I never got a picture of them.

 Hannah out on the sand

At the end of the week we had a 3 day spiritual retreat which was wonderful.  It was just what we needed after being in the states, traveling back to Zambia, and rushing around for two weeks trying to get our house in order before traveling to Malawi.  

This was my view from our porch when I had my QT.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Along the Road in Malawi

 We just returned from a two week trip to Malawi.  This is a beautiful country!  As we drove I took pictures that caught my attention along the way.  Hope you enjoy!