Sunday, June 15, 2014

Many Gifts

Have you ever read the book 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp?  I haven't quite made it all the way through that book yet but it had me thinking about the different gifts God had blessed me with.  While we were in the states recently, I was able to go walking a few times.  As I walked, I reflected on gifts He had given me just in our 10 days in the states.  I'm going to list them here in no particular order. 

seeing my sons and spending time with them
the warmth of the sun
the smell of honeysuckle
eyes lighting up when they see me after being apart
daylight until around 8:30pm
spending mothers day with my mom
watching my oldest son graduate from University
seeing a huge snake and thanking God it was dead
eating out
going to a movie
walking along the Pamlico Sound
gazing out at the water
watching a sunset
enjoying a milkshake
walking a dog
sailboats out on the water
good food
the smell of magnolia trees
just hanging out with family
talking till late at night
neighbors you have known most of your life
letting my niece paint my fingernails
the smell of pine trees
a kiss on the cheek

These  were just some of the things I'm thankful for the opportunity to experience while we were in the states.  God is so good!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Time in the USA

 While we were in the states for Zach's graduation we also got to spend time with our families.  
Above is Suzie's family on mothers day.

 My sister and her family

 eating at CiCi's pizza
can you believe there is such a thing as mac-n-cheese on pizza?

 night before graduation at CiCi's pizza

 Justin and Melissa

 Graduation dinner and opening of gifts

 Zach and his Aunt G

 mothers day

 Even though we are smiling in these pictures we were sad to leave the boys once again.  It was great getting to spend time with them while in the states.  Just always hard saying bye.

Love these men!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zach's Graduation

Zach and Megan walking in with their class.


 me and Kevin

 Kevin was interviewed by a local radio station.

 Kevin's parents

 My sister trying not to get wet!

 After the ceremony with the whole class each department split into their own sections where they actually gave out the diplomas.



 our family

 My mom and dad with Zach.

 Kevin's mom and dad with Zach.

 My sister and her family with Zach.

 us with Zach and his girlfriend Megan

 So proud of them both!

Please pray for Zach as he searches now for a full time job in his field.  

Monday, June 2, 2014

40/40 Bush Camp Highlights

 Bush camp is my favorite part of 40/40 which is hard to believe since I'm not really a camper.  Here are some pictures of bush camp so you can see what it was like.


kitchen area

 mode of travel to go into the small town.

 even the nannies had fun!

our nannies with the little ones
 walking to tea time

 kids learning to slash grass

 kids learning to chop down a tree

 women showers

 men showers

 This is where we heated our water for the showers.

 a visit to the local market

 buying fritas and enjoying a coke was lots of fun and a good break from school

 group pic.

 funny group picture

 We also visited a local farm.

 The kids enjoyed a ride in an ox cart

 kids learning to make a fire

 We also visited a local village.  The kids got to pump water.

They also visited the local headman.

 They got to meet lots of people in the village and shook lots of hands.

 The kids also got to learn how to shell corn.

Young boys in the village take care of the cattle.  Our kids were amazed at how young the ones were who were responsible for the cattle.