Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Settling In

This is our home for the next 8 months. This is the third time we have stayed in this home while on furlough. We are so thankful for this ministry that Highland Baptist Church has.

I didn't realize I had cut Justin's head off in this pic. but I thought I would still put it in here.

We have been back in the states for one week now. I think we are adjusting pretty well. Jet lag was not too bad either. We have been busy just doing lots of little things that have to be done when you first get here like getting a phone and having our drivers lisence renewed. We tried to get Zach his drivers lisence but he needed his actual SS card which I have lost. We have the number but that wasn't good enough. So, we have started that process and it should be here in 7-10 days. Not soon enough for Zach. (Praise-right after I wrote this I went and checked the mail and his SS card was in the mail after only two days. Yay!)
We moved into the mission house this past Friday. We are so glad to be in a place we can call home and out of suitcases. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. Hannah is a little bored since she hasn't started school yet and there aren't any kids her age near us. She has enjoyed shopping with me though. Of course, I have enjoyed that too. Justin is enjoying fast internet and tv. I don't think he is quite ready for school yet. Anyway, I thought I would share a few pics. with you of our first few days.

Hannah with her cousin Micheala enjoying a fudgesicle.

We had a special meal and cake to celebrate Zach's graduation at my parents house.
Michaela, Hannah, and Macey enjoying their cake.

Zach had several cards and gifts to open.

This is a big laundry bag with his initials on it.

My dad is enjoying all this little girl attention!

Zach is too! It did take a while for the girls to go to sleep. All 5 of the grandkids slept in one room.

playing the wii


My sister played hair dresser and fixed everyones hair.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Graduation Continued and Good-byes

The day after graduation we slept in and then went to the Kellers house for a graduation celebration. Kevin Keller has been Zach's roommate for a couple of years and they are really good friends. Kevin's girlfriend and her family came too. They fixed barbeque chicken with lots of fixins. We had a lot of fun getting to know these families better.

Zach riding Hannah on a dirt bike.

Kevin and Zach riding together and then they did a trick where Zach grabbed a rope and was pulled off the bike. Didn't quite have the camera ready for that shot.

Kevin, Sarah, and Zach

Monday evening we went to have dinner with friends of ours, Orville and Suzan Bryant. They have been our boys guardians. We had a delicious meal with them too! They have a pet monkey named Rafiki. He was in a storage room for a while so the kids just handed him some food through the window. He was adorable!

After we had eaten Suzan got him out and fed him. Isn't he so cute?

Suzan was holding on to him tight because if he were to get loose he would make a terrible mess in the house. I thought it would be fun to have one as a pet too until I thought about him getting loose in my house!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Class of 2010!

Saturday, July 17th, Zach graduated from Rift Valley Academy. It was a beautiful day! The ceremony was a blessing and I didn't cry too much at all! We are so proud of Zach. He finished with a final GPA of 3.6.

Zach with two of his friends.

Zach is second from the left on the first row.

RVA choir did a marvelous job singing.

Keynote speaker gave a very encouraging message to these graduates.

Zach receiving his diploma

Zach with his diploma

Kevin congratulating Zach!

Zach and Hannah

Zach and Justin

Kevin and Zach. Kevin has been Zach's roommate for the last two years.

Our family

Caleb and Zach. Caleb is Zachs good friend and music buddy.

me, Zach, and Kevin

Zach with the Kings- his dorm parents.

The graduated throwing their caps!

You can see Zach on the left side.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Price of Vision

I read this devotional today from Oswald Chambers. It really spoke to me so I thought I would share it on here. Enjoy!
"In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw also the Lord." Isaiah 6:1

Our soul's history with God is frequently the history of the "passing of the hero." Over and over again God has to remove our friends in order to bring Himself in their place, and that is where we faint and fail and get discouraged. Take it personally: In the year that the one who stood to me for all that God was, died-I gave up everything? I became ill? I got disheartened? or--I saw the Lord?
My vision of God depends upon the state of my character. Character determines revelation. Before I can say "I saw also the Lord," there must be something corresponding to God in my character. Until I am born again and begin to see the Kingdom of God, I see along the line of my prejudices only; I need the surgical operation of external events and an internal purification.
It must be God first, God second, and God third, until the life is faced steadily with God and no one else is of any account whatever. "In all the world there is none but thee, my God, there is none but thee."
Keep paying the price. Let God see that you are willing to live up to the vision.

A Wedding

This past Friday we attended the wedding of Ezron and Mercy Musonda. Ezron has been a friend of ours for many years. So we are so happy we were able to go and be a part of their celebration. One of our missionaries, Franklin Kilpatrick, officiated the marriage and did an excellent job. He and his wife, Paula, are about to retire in a few months so this may have been his last wedding in Zambia. Please pray for Ezron and Mercy as they begin their new marriage together.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Graduation Announcement!

We are proud to announce that our son, Zach, will be graduating from Rift Valley Academy next Saturday. The announcement and picture are below. Plus there are some pics. of him in high school and when he was younger. We will be leaving Zambia this Thursday to travel to Nairobi, Kenya so we can be there for this very exciting event in his life. We are so proud of how God is molding him into such a fine young man!

Zach's first hunt, killing a reedbuck.

In this pic. Zach is dressed up like the Joker for a carnival at school. (10th grade)

Frodo(Zach) and the witch king(Kevin-his roommate) at carnival in 12th grade.

This was taken at one of our visits this past year.

Zach dressed up like Jack Sparrow in 10th grade for carnival night.

This is painted on the wall from Zach's first dorm he lived in.
Zach and Justin

Zach at 6 years old. They grow up so fast!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!
O beautiful for spacious skies
For amber waves of grain
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!