Saturday, July 10, 2010

Graduation Announcement!

We are proud to announce that our son, Zach, will be graduating from Rift Valley Academy next Saturday. The announcement and picture are below. Plus there are some pics. of him in high school and when he was younger. We will be leaving Zambia this Thursday to travel to Nairobi, Kenya so we can be there for this very exciting event in his life. We are so proud of how God is molding him into such a fine young man!

Zach's first hunt, killing a reedbuck.

In this pic. Zach is dressed up like the Joker for a carnival at school. (10th grade)

Frodo(Zach) and the witch king(Kevin-his roommate) at carnival in 12th grade.

This was taken at one of our visits this past year.

Zach dressed up like Jack Sparrow in 10th grade for carnival night.

This is painted on the wall from Zach's first dorm he lived in.
Zach and Justin

Zach at 6 years old. They grow up so fast!!