Monday, November 30, 2009

World AIDS Day- Dec.1st

Limitless opportunities to show God cares

World AIDS Day is Dec. 1

(taken from BGR website)

One reason many Christians aren’t fighting HIV/AIDS is that they haven’t seen the innocent suffering it causes. Regardless of how the pandemic got started, despite the fact that many people are suffering because of their own sinfulness, vast multitudes of people are sick and dying through no fault of their own.

People are dying because a spouse brought the virus home. Girls are infected because they were raped by men who believed AIDS can be cured by having sex with a virgin. Babies are sick because they were born to someone infected with the virus.

In Swaziland, 30 percent of the children are either single or double orphans – meaning one or both parents have died of AIDS. More and more children are having to take responsibility for their siblings because there are no adults left to care for them.

A mind-boggling 33.2 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS. Every minute a child dies because of HIV/AIDS.

We’re very sure Jesus expects his people to care about these people the way he cares about them. Wherever you live, you have opportunities in your own community to show how much God loves people suffering because of HIV/AIDS. And the opportunities beyond your neighborhood are almost limitless.

Southern Baptists are actively engaged in caring for people whose lives have been turned upside down by HIV/AIDS. On World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, you will have an opportunity to help mobilize your congregation or small group to reach out with the love of Christ to people in need because of HIV/AIDS.

Please spend time today in prayer for those all over the world who are dying of this disease.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today was the graduation at the seminary. We knew one man graduating from the seminary from our area that we work in. Then we had men from all 3 of our bibles schools to be recognized for completing three years of bible school. Also, today was very special because two of our missionaries who have finished their seminary work at Southwestern were able to participate in the graduation as well. James and Kendall have worked very hard to finish up their work. Today was a special day for all!

Kevin greeted everyone attending the graduation from the Baptist Mission of Zambia.

Moses Chimfumpa was the guest of honor and speaker for today's graduation. He was the principle of the seminary back when we first came in 1997. I believe he is in his 80's now.

Some of the graduates.

Pastor Mbewe receiving his diploma. Kevin led Mbewe to the Lord several years ago when he and his family were living way out in the bush. At the time Mbewe was the only one that was truly committed to coming to the class Kevin was teaching. I'm so glad Kevin didn't give up going just because of low commitment. It was very exciting to see this man walk across the alter to receive his diploma.

The Helgren Family

lt-rt: Fequiere, Josh, Blake, and James

Kendall and James

lt-rt: Fequiere, Wes, Kendall, Mike, and Blake

Kevin and Kendall

Me and Kevin with Kendall and Joy

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful Hearts

Abbey and Anna dressed up for Thanksgiving. Aren't they precious?

Since our whole mission was in for our prayer retreat we got together to share in a Thanksgiving meal as well. We had lots of good food and fellowship!

Whenever one of our mk's are about to graduate we have a special recognition time for them. Since we have all had to cut our budgets(financial crisis) we will not be having our annual meeting this next year so this was the last time the whole mission family would be together before Zach graduates. Franklin and John shared a little bit about Zach and then Paula presented him with a gift.

Paula presented him with a copper plaque of Victoria Falls on it. Then she prayed for him.

Zach shared a special thank you to his mission family for the gift they gave him.

We have so much to be thankful for! I thought I would list a few of the things I am thankful for. These are not in any particular order.
2-Our boys are home from school and we are together as a family once again.
3-Good health
4-A great mission family!
7-All 3 of our children have prayed to receive Christ!
8-Friends-far and near.
9-We live and serve as missionaries in Zambia.
10-A relationship with Jesus Christ!
11-Internet so we can communicate with friends and family all over the world.
12-Plenty of food!
13-A great husband whom I love very much.
14-A truck that gets us where we need to go.
Of course, I could go on and on and hope that you could too. When we are tempted to complain lets remember how much we truly have to be thankful for.

Prayer Retreat 09 "We will remember...."

Our Mission Family

This week all of our Zambia Missionaries gathered for our annual prayer retreat. Our theme was "Persistent Praying." We looked at the persistent prayers of those who came before us and also the prayers we have now. It was a great time of spiritual growth as we gathered together as a family and were challenged in the Word by some of our colleagues and as we prayed together. This was probably the best prayer retreat that I have ever been a part of.

This year marks 50 years of Baptist work in Zambia. Paula and Franklin Kilpatrick shared with us some of our history. They told us about the first missionaries to Zambia and how they prayed persistently for the work as it began. It is amazing to hear all the ways God has answered their prayers over the years. Many missionaries have come and gone over the years but God is still faithful to answer the prayers of those who have served Him in Zambia.

This is one of the songs that we sang that meant a lot to me as we thought about the persistent prayers of those missionaries that came before us.

"We Will Remember"

We will remember

we will remember

We will remember the works of Your hands

We will stop

And give You praise
For great is Thy faithful - ness -

Verse 1:

You're our creator

Our life sustainer

Deliverer our comfort our joy

Thoughout the ages

You've been our shelter

Our peace in the midst of the storm

Verse 2:

With signs and wonders

You've shown Your power

With precious blood You showed us Your grace

You've been our helper

Our liberator

The Giver life with no end

Verse 3:

When we walk through

Life's darkest valley

We will look back at all You have done

And we will shout

Our God is good

And He is the faithful one


Hallelujah to the One

From whom all blessings flow


Hallelujah to the One

Whose glory has been shown

Verse 4:

I still remember

The day You saved me

The day I hear You call out my name

You said You loved

Would never leave me

And I've never been the same

James and Mike led us in worship throughout the day.

Easton is all boy! He was climbing on this and he kept wanting me to take his pic. so I did what any other aunt would do. I kept taking his pic. It has been fun to watch him grow up! What a privilege to be aunts and uncles to all of our mk's!

Easton and Lily

Me and Kevin with Easton and Lily. They are so precious to us!

Abigail K. watching the bushbuck.

On our last afternoon several animals came up at one time. Here is one of the Kudu's that visited. Several were able to touch it.

Tommy, Cyndi, Sky, and Daniel enjoying one of our meals.

Easton and Micah feeding one of the bushbucks.

These bushbucks were outside of our chalet. Aren't they beautiful?

Mary Margaret and Betty looking at the display.

Sorry this pic. is so small. I got it from someone else. On one of the mornings of prayer retreat we had a speical prayer time for all the leaders that were present. Each of the leaders sat in one spot spread out over the room and then the rest of the missionaries got in groups and rotated around so that they were able to pray for everyone. As we are just beginning in our new role this was very encouraging, uplifting, and meaningful to both Kevin and I. In fact, it was probably my favorite part of prayer retreat. We have such a beautiful mission family and it was an awesome experience to have them all spend time in prayer for us.

This pic. shows a lot of our mk's on the seesaw. Check out the big kid on the left-Kevin!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oct./Nov. 09 40/40 group

This is our group which just finished 30 days in this program. They are all back home in their countries now and will soon start ministry and language learning. Please pray for all of these participants that they will take all that they have learned during 40/40 and go and apply it in their place of service. Thank you to all who prayed for us during this last month.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ibis Gardens

Ibis Gardens is where we finish out the 4040 program. We arrive on Monday and leave on Friday with a lot of information and the beginning of processing our experiences during 4040. During the morning we have administrative talks from our strategy leadership and Logistical leadership. Then the participants learn how to use a language learning program called PILAT. After lunch the participants are free except for the one day they have their debriefing time with leadership and member care. The kids are still with their teachers but they are not doing school work during their stay at Ibis. They play games and get to enjoy the pool.
By the way, if you have been following this journey through 40/40 I have gone back and added a few pics. along the way if you would like to go back from the beginning to make sure you see it all.

horses that were on the property

Wade Coker

David Hooten

Sky and Daniel come each time and teach PILAT to all of the participants.

Sky and Daniel

Pool time for the kids!

On the last night we have a program. The children sang a song and told a fable.

All of the staff sang and danced to the front.

Hannah and Sky

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Homestays-Life for 3 days in the Village

During the homestay the participants are able to experience first hand what it is like to live in a village. To also experience some of the hardships that Africans do even if for just a few days. Most arrive at Ibis Gardens during the debriefing time and say that these 3 days were their favorite out of the whole program. They have the opportunity to put into practice all that they have learned over the last month.

Zoe and Levi helped wash clothes.

Robyn washing dishes at her homestay.

Nate is so tall he had to make sure he ducked before going in and out of his hut for the weekend.


Nate and Lindsey were not alone in their hut. They had a chicken staying in their hut. Although it looks like she is just sitting there, she is actually doing something very important. She is sitting on her eggs. She also enjoyed eating the spiders and bugs that came into their hut. Of course, Nate and Lindsey didn't mind that at all.

Women in the village go to the well many times throughout the day so that they can have enough water for bathing, cooking, drinking, and washing clothes. Sandra is doing her part to help out with drawing the water as well.

Very good Rachel!

Daisy Chipanga with Amber teaching her how to shell the corn off the cob.

There is a lot of hard work to be done in the village. These women are pounding ground nuts. Many of our participants were able to try this over the weekend.

This is an outdoor oven they use for baking bread and scones(muffins).

Lane with his new friends for the weekend.

Tyler with his host family.

The pic. above and below is where the Vines stayed.