Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today was the graduation at the seminary. We knew one man graduating from the seminary from our area that we work in. Then we had men from all 3 of our bibles schools to be recognized for completing three years of bible school. Also, today was very special because two of our missionaries who have finished their seminary work at Southwestern were able to participate in the graduation as well. James and Kendall have worked very hard to finish up their work. Today was a special day for all!

Kevin greeted everyone attending the graduation from the Baptist Mission of Zambia.

Moses Chimfumpa was the guest of honor and speaker for today's graduation. He was the principle of the seminary back when we first came in 1997. I believe he is in his 80's now.

Some of the graduates.

Pastor Mbewe receiving his diploma. Kevin led Mbewe to the Lord several years ago when he and his family were living way out in the bush. At the time Mbewe was the only one that was truly committed to coming to the class Kevin was teaching. I'm so glad Kevin didn't give up going just because of low commitment. It was very exciting to see this man walk across the alter to receive his diploma.

The Helgren Family

lt-rt: Fequiere, Josh, Blake, and James

Kendall and James

lt-rt: Fequiere, Wes, Kendall, Mike, and Blake

Kevin and Kendall

Me and Kevin with Kendall and Joy