Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This past week I was able to attend a home school conference in Joburg. SA. We had two ladies come from the states and one from Kenya that taught us all about the different kinds of curriculum that is out there for home schoolers to use. It is amazing how much material is really out there and it all looks so good. I was also encouraged during this time together with other moms who home schooled. There were about 20 women from all over Southern Africa who had come to this meeting. It was nice to reconnect with those whom I all ready knew and then get to know the others that were there for the first time. Of course, it is always fun to eat at McDonalds and go shopping in a real mall. There was even a Cinnabon in one of the new malls. You know I had to have a little taste of that too(a couple of times). I was also able to get quite a bit of Christmas shopping done which is always fun. Kevin did well with the kids while I was gone. He home schooled Hannah and Justin, cooked, and cleaned. They did just fine without me. Thanks for your prayers.

These are the ladies from Zambia that went to the home school conference. From left to right: Tracey, Shawna, me, Linda, Dawnya, and Lee.
One more month until Zach gets to come home for his Christmas break. He will arrive here on Thanksgiving Day around lunch time. As always we will have so much to be thankful for but especially this time we will be praising God for family and being able to be together. He will be with us until he flies back to Kenya Jan. 2nd. Please begin praying now that our time together will be enjoyable for all and that we will make many memories to hold us until his next break.
This is Zach and his friend Stratton on his midterm break.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A fun day at Itope Baptist Church

Today we went to Itope Baptist Church. It was about an hour away from our house out in the bush. This is a fairly new church in our area. Kevin was there yesterday as well, preaching and showing the Jesus film. Four people prayed to receive Christ after seeing the Jesus Film. Pray for this church as they continue to be salt and light in this area.

Justin climbing a Baobab tree near the church.

He got up pretty high considering he wasn't using a rope or anything to help him.

One of the church leaders at this church owns Donkeys so Hannah and Justin decided to go for a little ride. Justin is convinced that we need one in our yard too. Ha Ha!

This is Itope Baptist church. There were about 110 people in this small church. Can you imagine?

Doesn't she look too prissy to be out in the bush??

Monday, October 8, 2007

Last week I went with Kevin and Van Thompson to show the Jesus Film at a new church named Muchochoma. This church is in the Canaan association which they started recently. We started with just a handful of people in attendance but after singing a few songs and the film started many people from all over came to see the film. At the end about 13 people prayed to receive Christ. Please pray for these new believers that they would grow in their relationship with Christ.

Muchochoma Baptist church

I know this looks a little high tech for out in the bush. Since there isn't any electricity we have to use a generator.

Kevin and Van resting and talking after getting everything set up.

Here are some of the boys that came to watch with excitement as the white people set up the film.