Sunday, October 14, 2007

A fun day at Itope Baptist Church

Today we went to Itope Baptist Church. It was about an hour away from our house out in the bush. This is a fairly new church in our area. Kevin was there yesterday as well, preaching and showing the Jesus film. Four people prayed to receive Christ after seeing the Jesus Film. Pray for this church as they continue to be salt and light in this area.

Justin climbing a Baobab tree near the church.

He got up pretty high considering he wasn't using a rope or anything to help him.

One of the church leaders at this church owns Donkeys so Hannah and Justin decided to go for a little ride. Justin is convinced that we need one in our yard too. Ha Ha!

This is Itope Baptist church. There were about 110 people in this small church. Can you imagine?

Doesn't she look too prissy to be out in the bush??


Amber Essick said...


I do hear that donkeys are good at keeping away preditors who would eat smaller animals. The preditors here in Texas are coyotes, but there they may be warthogs...anyway, the donkeys will chase them away or kick them. Interesting tidbit.
Amber Essick
Waco, Texas

chap4him and mom4him said...

Wow! How they have grown! We can hardly believe how tall little Hannah is. We love your blog. Keep it up!!!

chap4him and mom4him said...

PS, that last comment was from the Conards! Forgot to sign our name

Blu and Darbi said...

Hey! Love your blog! Hannah seems so much older!!

Blu and Darbi