Sunday, May 25, 2014

40/40 Lusaka Highlights

For part of April and May, 40/40 took place.  We had a great time as you can see from all these pictures.  These pics. in this blog post are of our time in Lusaka.  Since Easter fell during 40/40 this time we decorated eggs, made cookies, and had an Easter egg hunt.

 One of our field trips was to the elephant orphanage.  The baby elephants were so cute!

 The participants as they walked off campus to do their daily field assignments.

 While parents were out the kids did their school work and had lots of fun!

 We had great kitchen staff who made great food for us each day!  
You can tell Mexican food was on the menu for this particular day!

 One day the kids and staff enjoyed eating pizza and watching the movie Frozen while their parents were out.

 We took the kids to a local market to practice their bargaining skills.

 At the cultural village

 A visit to a Zambian's home was a highlight for the kids.

 They tasted some Zambian food.

 Picture with  the Phiri family

 They were taught some games.

 They had fun playing with some of the children on campus.

 riding in the van

 We also took the kids to the crocodile farm.

 holding a python

 holding a brown house snake

 small crocodiles

 a huge leopard tortoise

 bigger crocs.

 swim time

and girl fun!