Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Impressions!

We arrived back in the states July 17th.  Here are a few of our first impressions.
-the heat about knocked us down when we left the airport
-it stays light for so long at night and we can stay out after dark if we want.
-fountain drinks
-free refills
-we are definitly enjoying southern hospitality
-fast internet
-church was short but very comfortable
-worship was all in English and there was no dancing
-driving on the right side of the road.  We have gone to the wrong side of the car to get in many times.
-Shopping is so much more fun in the US.
-So many choices!
-We can drink straight from the tap but most people drink bottled water all the time.
-Dishwashers are a wonderful invention!
-It smells so nice here.
-Everything is nice and green.
-It can rain at any time.
-Diet Pepsi in the US tastes more like Coke light in Zambia.
-We have to pump our own gas.
-wall to wall carpeting
-it's harder to exercise on carpet but a lot cooler here because of the air conditioner
-Real hugs and seeing family in person is much better than Skype!

Time in Kenya

 The night of graduation we went to an Ethiopian restaurant with the Cokers and Dinas.  I had never had Ethiopian food before but really enjoyed the food and the experience.

 They brought the food out in this big dish and kept plopping the food down in the dish.  We ate with our hands.

 Matthew, Justin, and Nathan

 After our meal, we went out into this hut and had coffee and tea.  This woman roasted the coffee beans over the brazier.

 our group

 Believe it or not, we were all in this small white vehicle.  There is always room for one more!

 We were able to visit the elephant orphanage one day.  

 this one like rolling around in the mud!

Afterwards, we went to see the giraffes.  

 We waited for a long time but they just didn't want to come up.  Finally, two came up for just a couple of minutes so Justin and Hannah got to feed one of them.

 The Conards use to serve with us in Zambia.  They have recently moved to Nairobi.  It was so good to spend some time with them!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Justin's Graduation!

 July 13th, Justin graduated from RVA!  We are so proud of all he has accomplished!  
It was a wonderful ceremony.  Here are some pictures from the day and even a few video's at the bottom.

Justin and Nathan

 Nathan, Matthew, and Justin

 walking in

 Nathan read the scripture.

 Mr. Bannister gave the graduation address and it was excellent!

 Justin with his diploma!

 after switching his tassel

 Anna Grace and Justin

 Jessica and Justin

 Kyle and Justin

 Justin and Matthew

 Justin with his dorm parents, the Kings.  These are the best dorm parents ever! 

 Levi and Justin-roomies!

 Justin and Mr. and Mrs. Rothfus
This couple has had a huge impact not only on Justin's life but Zach's as well.  We are so thankful for all the staff at RVA who take the time to invest in all the kids lives.

 class of 2013!

 Tim and Charlotte Cearley with Justin

 Chui dorm guys

Ms. Olive works in the library and is a special friend of Justin's.


There is a tradition at RVA to jump up and hit above the door when walking out.
Justin getting his diploma!