Monday, July 30, 2012

Another day at the orphanage

 We went back to Breath of Heaven Orphanage another day.  We have all fallen in love with those kids!  They are so precious!

 They love to play on the playground.

 We helped some more kids write letters to their sponsors.
This took a while but it really helped us to get to know the kids better.

 Hannah and Memory

 On this day we took some fingernail polish and polished nails.  They loved getting this done!

 They loved showing their nails off when they were finished.

 Zach helped teach a young man how to play the guitar.

 He showed the kids how to juggle.


 We took some tangerines to share with the kids.  They seemed to like this treat.

 Of course, they liked playing games again.  Here they are playing "Red Rover."

more painted nails
 and toes!


 This is a picture of Michael and a couple of the kids.  

 the kids lined up to jump into Megan's arms and be swung around

 Judy was listening to the kids read.  They love to read books!

The kids loved playing with Megan's hair!

We had such a good time! We are hoping to go back again before Zach and Megan leave!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hunting Trip

 A few months ago Kevin planned a hunting/camping trip for our family with two other families-the Powers and Vines.  Each of our sons would get to kill a lechwe and we would get to visit with these families.  We didn't find out until a couple of weeks before we left for this trip that there would not be bathrooms or even long drops or showers!  Thankfully, there were lots of ant hills that we could go behind because at our campsite there was only this one big tree.  It turned out to be ok and not as bad as I thought it would be. We all had a good time!

 setting up camp

 Megan with Kenley

 Tyler in his tent

 A view of our campsite

 The sunset was beautiful but by the time I grabbed my camera it was almost all the way down.

 a fish eagle

 Hannah and Kenley

 Two of our tents had doggie holes in them.  Justin used this to ask for breakfast in bed!

 Zach shooting his Lechwe

 It looks like the Lechwe is posing in this picture.  He made a good shot.

 Justin taking aim

 Justin's Lechwe ended up in the water so it had to be dragged out.

 Justin and his Lechwe

 taking the animals to be cut up and put in a cooler

 Zach holding the heart and lungs of his Lechwe.

 Megan touching the heart!

 Megan trying sugarcane for the very first time.

 going for a walk

 Jeff P. going out to hunt
 Jeff, Kenny, and Kevin looking for a big Lechwe.  Kenny killed two lechwe but I didn't get any pictures of his since I didn't go out that time. 

 Because it was so muddy out there Jeff and Justin had to drag his Lechwe to the truck.

 Justin does not mind getting muddy at all!

 Jeff with his Lechwe

 Kevin was able to kill a Lechwe too. 

 going out to hunt

 Zach and Megan riding on top of the truck into the sunset.

 There is a fishing village in this area which we had to ride through as we went out to look for animals.  

 People actually live here like this.

 They are out in the middle of nowhere.

These kids ran up to the road to wave to us.
The hunting guide that went out with us said there were probably over 1000 people who live out there like this.