Monday, July 2, 2012


 One day we took my parents out to Chongwe so that they could meet some of our friends there and see where we used to live.  Tito was working on his new house so we went to that location first.

 We bought a couple of fritas for a snack.

 Walking to Tito's house

 Tito showed us around his house.

 This is how much he had done so far.

 This is where he makes his own bricks.  Tito explained this process to my parents.

 Next stop was to go see Tito's family.  They lived right behind us while we were in Chongwe.  Hannah spent most of her time at their house or these kids were at our house.  
The kids with Hannah are Dorcas, Deborah, Mapalo, and little Hannah.

 Mapalo with his mother in the background

 We ate lunch down at the river but didn't take any pictures there.  Our next stop was the Chongwe market.
We got to see lots of fish, vegetables, clothes, etc.

 We tried to get mama and daddy to try a caterpillar but they wouldn't do it!

 Our last stop was to visit Amai Mwachamota.  She has been our friend for many years.  It was so nice to just sit out on a mat and visit with her.

Me and my friend!

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