Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thy Word is a Lamp unto my Feet

 The first time I took my mom out into Ng'ombe compound she couldn't even take any pictures because it was so overwhelming to her.  The second time though she was able to take some pictures.  Really, pictures don't even begin to describe what it is like because you are seeing what is in these 4-5 inches only.  

 These first few pictures were taken driving through the compound.

 It is hard to tell in this picture but this is actually two women carrying love seats on their heads.  Amazing!

 My class was very big this time.  They had been having another meeting on this day so they decided to all stay for bible study too.  I even had about 5 men.

 This is Esther standing.  She was introducing herself to my mom.  They all went around the circle and introduced themselves.

I was teaching on what happens to you after you die.  This man in the picture did not believe in hell.  So as you can imagine we had  a lively discussion.  

 While I taught the adults Hannah and Gram had the kids.

 Hannah told the story of Daniel and the Lions Den.  They sang songs and drew pictures too.

 When we first started going to teach here Hannah was a bit nervous.  Now she is very comfortable there and loves every bit of it.

 the kids showing off their drawings

 My mom with some of the kids.

 I love this one of Hannah and Chichi.

Please pray for these women and children to come to know Jesus.  Pray for me and Hannah as we continue to go here and teach these two groups.  Pray especially for the man who did not believe in hell.  May they all believe in the TRUTH of God's Word.

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