Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chimusanya Baptist Church

 For my parents last Sunday here in Zambia we went out to the bush to go to church.  Chimusanya Baptist Church is in our old area out east of Lusaka.  I taught the women there for about 1 year every Thursday afternoon.  Kevin has also taught there numerous times and we have a close relationship with the pastor.

 Pastor Zulu

 Kevin preaching

 At the end of the service the pastor asked if my Dad would like to say anything so he did.

 Shaking hands after the service is customary.

 Chimusanya Baptist Church.  You can see where they have dug around the church.  They are planning on expanding the building soon.

 Some of the people followed us out to the road.

 After church we went to the pastors home and had lunch.

 This was the grandmother

Amai Zulu prepared the lunch for us.
 This is her kitchen.

 Pastor Zulu showed us around his village.  In this hut he had  lots of rabbits.  Several years ago we gave him a few rabbits and now they have multiplied.  They are able to eat some and sell some too.

 looking around the village

 Amai Zulu had a baby a few months ago.  My mom enjoyed holding her.

She showed my mom how the Zambian women put their babies on their backs with a chitenge.

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