Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crocodile Farm

 My mother did not really want to go and visit the crocodile farm because of the snakes.  She didn't mind seeing the crocs. though.  So while we looked at the snakes she just stood over to the side and looked in the other direction.  Zach is holding a python in the picture above.

 Looking into the python pit.

 the turtles

weaver bird nests
Here is the sign as you enter where the large crocs. are.

 My mom and Hannah each stuck their hand in and touched this large croc.  The mouth was at the other end!

 After the tour we enjoyed some croc. burgers and chips(french fries) under this rondoval.


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Cara said...

That's so funny that your mom didn't even want to look at the snakes! Glad y'all are having fun. :)