Friday, October 31, 2008

Hodgepodge of pics.

Matt and his wife Janet have come to help with 40/40 this session. Janet is cooking and heading up the kitchen and Matt is doing just about anything else.

Today was the last day that the participants went out with their helpers. Before they left we said good-bye Zambian style.

Hannah(left), Sarah(back), Abigail on Chris' lap(dad), and Eli down in front.

This is our nurse teaching the participants about malaria. She was pretending to be a mosquito. She is very creative!

Ebby Musika is one of our nationals that is very involved in 40/40. He does so much to help us. He is teaching the participants in this picture about how Africans view money.

Each morning the participants have a bible study in small groups.

Sheraya on our swing that Matt built for the kids to enjoy.

Abigail with her mom, Katie.

Hannah with her flower necklace that her and Becky made.

Eli enjoying his orange slice on a hot day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Visit to a Zambian Home

Today, the mk's went to visit one of the seminary students home. It was a good experience for them to see in person how a Zambian lives in a town. Once we get out to the bush they will also visit a family that lives in a hut so that they can compare the differences. The families name is Phiri. They have 3 children in the picture below and one on the way. Jack's wife had to leave half way through our visit because of a funeral she needed to attend. Jack taught the children a game, some culture, told them a story, gave them a tour of his house, and had a snack for us to try called Sampo. The children loved trying this new food and even went back for seconds.

Bambo Jack preparing the game for us to play.

Hannah enjoying her Sampo.

Sarah and Sheraya

Jack and his wife Beatrice

Mk's playing a game called Sojo. They used bottle caps and tried to flick them into a hole. Once you got your cap into the hole you could then start attacking others. The last playing was the winner and called the king.

Sarah enjoyed this game as well.

Bryce and Jesse playing Sojo.

Simon is one of the seminary kids that came out to watch us today.

Here is a few of those gathered to watch us. Aren't they adoreable?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crocodiles, Snakes, and Fun!

Today while the parents went out to do their daily field assignments the mk's went to the crocodile farm. We all had such a good time.
We went around and saw all the snakes in their cages and learned about them from our guide named John.

We saw lots of crocodiles.

This is Debbie Stephens(left) and Sarah Warren(right).

Hannah and Kelsey

John even grabbed a small croc. and let the kids touch it.

Bryce touching the croc.

This is Madi(on top) and Kym as they walked around to see the crocs.

This is my favorite bird in Zambia. It is called the Weaver Bird because it weaves its nest hanging upside down.

This python that Justin is holding is 6 years old.

Bryce held this big snake too!

We enjoyed swimming....

...and putt putt! Well, in this picture Matthew decided to do it like shooting pool.

Bryce and Justin enjoyed fishing for a couple of hours. Justin caught one and Bryce caught two fish.
Sheraya and Hannah fishing too.

Matthew and Jesse Warren

Hannah even made two hole in ones!

Hannah took this picture of me, she thought it was so funny.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Beginning of 40/40

40/40 has gotten off to a good start. I'll try to post pictures every few days while we are in Lusaka. Hope you enjoy!

Here are some of the participants doing a little ice breaker on the first day.

This is our nurse, Janet McDowell. She has traveled from Uganda to be with us as our camp nurse during 40/40. This was her get up as she came in to talk to the participants about medical information.

Becky Rhinehart during journal time. Becky is leading our children's program this time.

Have you ever heard of journaling while sitting in a tree? This is where some of our mk's have decided is a good place for that activity.

Hannah Rodgers doing her school work.

Bible study with the mk's first thing in the morning.

Sarah playing with Madi during preschool.

Eli having fun playing.

Today is the first day that the participants have gone out into Lusaka to learn and observe from Zambians. They are not going out alone but with a Zambian helper from one of our Baptist Churches.

Pray for them as they go out that they would learn from Africans just the things that they need to know

Bambo Phiri is one of our helpers.

This is Dan packing up to head out to our camp to make sure that it is all prepared for us when we go on the 3rd of Nov. Him and his wife Peggy are helping us with our Logistics.