Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Blessing from this Side of the World

Sunday we were able to worship with Chikondi Baptist Church in Chongwe where we used to live. At the end of the service they gave shoeboxes from Samaritan's Purse which they had received. It was so exciting for us to witness this blessing from this side of the world. We have been a part of this ministry in the states but to see it from this side was amazing! They even asked Hannah if she would help pass them out. I didn't have my camera on this day so these two pictures were taken with a phone and didn't turn out to good but I wanted to share anyway.  The kids were real excited to receive these boxes.  No one opened the boxes at the church.  They each took it home to open.  Pray for these kids as they received this love gift to one day know Jesus.