Thursday, August 18, 2016

Evening of Day 2 in Mfuwe

 While we were waiting to go on our night safari I sat out under our porch area and watched 17 giraffe out in front of where we were staying.  I love Giraffe so this was so exciting to me!

 They are so graceful! 

 They are beautiful to watch!

 There were a lot of mongoose where we stayed.  The woman who owned the place fed them.  They were amazing to watch!

 They all came running and then the owner threw out some food for them.

 I loved watching the giraffe!  I could sit there all day!

 That evening we went on night safari.  We did not see a whole lot but it was still fun.

The end of another good day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mfuwe Day 2

On the second day of our trip we drove through the park ourselves.  Then that evening we went on a game drive in a safari truck.  My next post will be on that evening. 

 We saw lots of crocodiles.


 and hippos

 We were so excited to see a male and female lion sitting under the bushes.  We didn't get a good picture of the female because of where she was sitting.

 We brought our own lunch.  So we just picked a spot by the river and ate.

 We loved seeing the elephants especially the baby one.

 We don't often see the giraffe sitting down.

 I guess this one had an itch...

baby elephant eating

 This baobab tree is huge!
It's one of my favorite trees in Africa.

 Can you see me and Hannah?

 A close up of Kevin and Hannah

Isn't that sweet?

Giraffe are my favorite animal!
It was a great day!