Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trip to Mfuwe-Day 1

 We traveled to Chipata in one day, stopping along the way to say bye to some people and just taking our time.  We spent the night in Chipata which happens to be where we lived for one year back in 2000. This place has grown so much!
The next morning we continued on to Mfuee which is about 2 1/2 hours away from Chipata.

 As we got closer to where we were going to stay this giraffe met us on the road.

 Hannah is standing in front of a termite hill.  This is just one of many that we saw!

 While Kevin was checking us in to the wildlife camp two big elephants walked up through the camp.

 It was quite a bit warmer here compared to Lusaka.  We actually got in the pool.  
Kevin is looking through the binoculars at some crocodiles across the water.

 I loved this little place we could sit at to watch the animals right in front of our room.

 That first afternoon so many monkeys came up to greet us or more than likely to see what goodies we may have that they would like.  When checking in the woman said to keep our door locked at all times because the monkeys could open the doors.  Ha!

 This is the little house we stayed in.

 A beautiful sunset

 We drove to another lodge to eat dinner.  On the way, we saw these elephants.

At the restaurant, a huge hippo came up about 20 feet from our table and walked through that camp.  
They have workers whose job it is to watch out for animals and shine the spotlight on them.  They also walk you to your rooms.  The next day we heard that there was a pride of lions which came to that camp.  So glad that didn't happen while we were eating! 
On our way home that night we saw some giraffe!  We started the day with giraffe and ended that way as well.  

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