Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Pics.

Well, we are 9 days into 4040 and so far all is well. People are healthy, happy, and have great attitudes even in all of this heat. Here are just some random pics. that have been taken over the last several days. Enjoy!

Alan, Nate, Kenny, Jeff, Brent, and Micah

Corrine and Hannah

Me, Hannah, and Hadassah practicing our multiplication.

Tyler practicing his new steps.

Today we had a group come and sing for us. They were so good and it was a lot of fun!

After we eat, we each wash our own dishes. There is usually a line but I got to it at the end so it is just Kevin in line this time.

At each meal we get our plates and go through the line to get our food. We are always greeted by the happy faces of our kitchen staff. Here Brent is helping Taylor get her food.

David shared with all the participants today about T4T(Training for Trainers).

Today the participants learned Creation to Christ which is sharing the gospel by telling stories from Gen. up through Jesus. They were able to practice with their partners. In this pic. Kenny is practicing with Steve.

Hannah, Seth, Hadassah, and Heather on the monkey bars at the seminary.


Riding on a minibus can be an adventure. Here are some of our participants and helpers as they are about to head out.

Each day the participants go out to do their daily field assignments with a Zambian helper. They have to walk a little ways before catching a minibus.

Mary is working with our two year olds. She has 3 of them-Levi, Madylanne, and Taylor. On this day they were outside singing. They sure have precious voices.

Tyler and his nanny Jane.

Jane was pulling Tyler around the block in the wagon and somehow they picked up another passenger. Aren't they cute??

Kym with Heather and Lane during school.

Corrine doing her school work.

Tobias and Levi

Zoe doing her school work.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home Visit

Yesterday the older group of mk's went to visit in the home of a Zambian friend of ours , Abambo Mbewe. He has allowed other groups from 4040 to come before and again agreed to host this group. The mk's were able to see what a town home might look like, eat some local food, hear African stories and riddles, play African games, and learn some tricks. We are so thankful for the hospitality of Abambo Mbewe and his family. The kids learned a lot and had fun too!

Mbewe teaching a trick using string.

Hannah and Heather eating some of their local food. Yum!

Here, the children are learning a game.

Here is the whole group of mk's with Abambo Mbewe, his wife, and youngest daughter.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crocodile Farm Fun!

While the grown ups are out doing their daily field assignments or in class the children are in a school program. They bring their own school work for math and language arts and then we do science, bible study, and african studies and cultural learning each day. We also have several field trips planned throughout the month. In one way or another they are all educational, cultural, and fun. Sat. we had planned to take the mk's to a water park but when we got there it was just way too crowded because of it being a Zambian holiday so we changed our minds and went to the Crocodile Farm instead. The children got to learn about some different species of snakes in Africa and see crocodiles and learn about them. We enjoyed a sandwich for lunch and then the kids went swimming for the afternoon. I have heard from several parents that their kids sure did sleep well last night. Here are some pics. for you to enjoy.

Some of the kids were not happy to just see the python they also wanted to touch it and hold it.
This is Seth having his turn.

Lane is holding it around his neck but then Tobias is helping Levi touch it. The little ones all thought these snakes felt slimmy. I tend to agree!

I just had to get a pic. of Hannah holding it because as many times as we have been to the croc. farm she has never had a desire to hold this snake or any other one. She had it on her neck as long as it took me to take the pic. and then she wanted it off.

This man was our tour guide who took us around and explained about the snakes and crocs.

Madylane and Taylor touched this little harmless brown house snake.

Here are some of the medium size crocs.

We couldn't find the bigger turtles this time but we were able to take turns holding one of the smaller ones.

Here are some of the smaller crocs.

Johanna and Taylor

left to right: Hannah, Hadassah, Corinne, Zoe, and Kym

There are a lot of the larger crocs. at this farm. Here is one of them. I liked this pic. because his mouth was open.

Heather was so kind to help Zoe so she could go down the slide too.


Kym and Taylor


Taylor all wrapped up trying to get warm after swimming.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


This past Thurs. we began another session of 40/40. It is a much smaller group than last time so it has a bit of a different feel to it. So far, everything is going well and we are enjoying this new group of participants. We have even been blessed with some unusually cool evenings for which we are very thankful for during this hot season. I will try to update regularly like I usually do but the internet where we are staying is not good. Please continue to pray for us all throughout this next month. If you look over in the side bar you can click on the one that says month long prayer guide for 4040 and it will tell you some specific prayer requests for the month.

Tyler playing out on the reed mat.

Judah playing ball with his nanny Betty.

School work is a part of every week day for the mk's.

Zoe with her little stuffed animal.

Today was the participants first day to have their pouch groups or small group bible studies. They start the day off with a few songs and then go to small group. This was also the first day they went out with their Zambian helper into Lusaka just to observe people and their surroundings. After lunch they sit in a class room setting and hear from other Zambians about African culture.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dry and dusty

"O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water."
Psalm 63:1
As we were driving home from church a few weeks ago on one stretch of road there were a whole herd of cows coming straight for us. As we passed they moved over just so we could pass by. It was so dry and dusty on that day. The dust on our windows was incredible, it kept piling up and getting higher and higher. As I pondered this hotness and dryness I began to think how much our hearts can become like this dry land if we are not careful to stay fresh in God's Word daily. We need to also spend time in prayer and fellowship with other believers. When we were in church that day it was obvious the church had not been clean or swept out in at least 3-4 weeks. There were cobwebs in the grass roof, dust on the mud benches and the floor seemed to just be sand although there was a solid mud floor. This is very uncommon. Many churches take pride in making sure their church building is clean for Sunday. Either the women will come the day before or that morning before church begins. How did this happen? Little by little they began to neglect the church building. Just like us, little by little, we can begin to neglect the things that God wants us to do and before long we can find that our hearts are like this dry and dusty land. Pray for Zambians to cling to what they know as Truth and steer clear of things that are not. How is your heart today? Pray for Christians everywhere to get out of the desert in their lives and be among the poplar trees by flowing streams.
"For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants. They will spring up like grass in a meadow, like poplar trees by flowing streams." Isaiah 44:3-4