Monday, July 30, 2012

Another day at the orphanage

 We went back to Breath of Heaven Orphanage another day.  We have all fallen in love with those kids!  They are so precious!

 They love to play on the playground.

 We helped some more kids write letters to their sponsors.
This took a while but it really helped us to get to know the kids better.

 Hannah and Memory

 On this day we took some fingernail polish and polished nails.  They loved getting this done!

 They loved showing their nails off when they were finished.

 Zach helped teach a young man how to play the guitar.

 He showed the kids how to juggle.


 We took some tangerines to share with the kids.  They seemed to like this treat.

 Of course, they liked playing games again.  Here they are playing "Red Rover."

more painted nails
 and toes!


 This is a picture of Michael and a couple of the kids.  

 the kids lined up to jump into Megan's arms and be swung around

 Judy was listening to the kids read.  They love to read books!

The kids loved playing with Megan's hair!

We had such a good time! We are hoping to go back again before Zach and Megan leave!

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