Friday, July 20, 2012

Visiting the Community School and Patients

 One morning we went to Ng'ombe compound to visit patients with some palliative care givers.  Before we went out into the compound we visited a community school that my friend Esther helps run.  Each day they feed about 500 kids a bowl of porridge. For some children that might be the only meal they get all day.

 This is just one of the huge pots of porridge.  They usually have two big pots to serve the kids.

 Since most don't have spoons to bring they will use their pencils or rulers as a spoon.

 Here is just part of the line of kids waiting to get some food.  The line wraps around the building.

We saw two different patients that day.  The first man we visited was very old probably in his 90's.  When we asked him how old he was he didn't remember the year he was born.  His son, who took care of him, died the week before.  Now he is all alone in a one room home trying to take care of himself.  He could hardly get around.  
Our next visit was with the above family.  The girl smiling real big is HIV positive and has had a stroke.  Now, she no longer speaks and  can't move her right arm but just look at that smile!  Her mother(on the left) helps to take care of her.  The little girl in her lap is hers.  It has not been determined yet if she is HIV positive also.  Let us pray that she will be spared of this disease!
We visited with both patients and prayed for them before we left.  The care giver also gave them each a little money and some soy meal to help them out some.  They were so appreciative!

 The next few pictures are some of the people we saw as we walked through the compound.

 A lot of times kids this young are left on their own while their mothers work.


 This is a game the kids play which is kind of like "jacks" except they use rocks and no ball. 

 Here are a couple of pictures back at the school of two of the classes.  They had about 5 classes going on at the same time.  Each class stood and greeted us.

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