Monday, November 16, 2009

Preparation for Homestay

This past Friday all the participants packed up enough clothes for 3 days, mattresses, mosquito nets, and some food to give as a gift and headed out for their homestay. For those 3 days they have been living with a Zambian family in a village. They have eaten their food, worked in their fields, helped wash clothes, cooked, and whatever else their host family did, they also joined in. Most often this is participants favorite part of 4040 because they have the opportunity to learn up close as they live together for a few days. Monday morning they will have to say good-bye and head back to camp. They will then board a bus and head west back through Lusaka and on past about another hour to a place called Ibis Gardens. It is here that they will finish out the 4040 program. Please continue to pray for them all this week as they process this whole experience.

Lindsey and Nate

Sandra, Rachel, Kym, Lindsey, and Amber

Levi waiting for his host family to come and pick them up.

Zoe laid up on top of their stuff too.

Mark, Melynda, and Madylanne heading out to their homestay.

Truitt and Cindy walking with their hosts for the weekend.

The Lowes are now all packed up and ready to go.

This is where the Turners stayed.

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