Monday, June 2, 2014

40/40 Bush Camp Highlights

 Bush camp is my favorite part of 40/40 which is hard to believe since I'm not really a camper.  Here are some pictures of bush camp so you can see what it was like.


kitchen area

 mode of travel to go into the small town.

 even the nannies had fun!

our nannies with the little ones
 walking to tea time

 kids learning to slash grass

 kids learning to chop down a tree

 women showers

 men showers

 This is where we heated our water for the showers.

 a visit to the local market

 buying fritas and enjoying a coke was lots of fun and a good break from school

 group pic.

 funny group picture

 We also visited a local farm.

 The kids enjoyed a ride in an ox cart

 kids learning to make a fire

 We also visited a local village.  The kids got to pump water.

They also visited the local headman.

 They got to meet lots of people in the village and shook lots of hands.

 The kids also got to learn how to shell corn.

Young boys in the village take care of the cattle.  Our kids were amazed at how young the ones were who were responsible for the cattle.

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