Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hannah's Baptism

Sunday, Dec. 13th, Hannah was baptized at Twin Palms Baptist Church here in Zambia. She prayed and repented of her sins and asked Jesus to come into her heart Sept. 16th. On this day she was being obedient to God to follow Him in baptism. She even shared a short testimony with those who were watching. Then Kevin shared a bit about how we have seen her life change in just a few short months. It was so good to have some of our mission family there to help us celebrate along with our Zambian friends. Please pray for Hannah as she continues to grow in her relationship with Jesus.

We sang a song to begin with.

Hannah sharing her testimony.

Kevin was thrilled to be the one to baptize her.
All 3 of our children have been baptized here!
"I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

you are buried with Christ in baptism ..
..raised to walk in a brand new life."

Her Aunt Betty prayed for her.
This pic. is of some people who were in attendance.

After her baptism we went to Wimpy's for lunch with the Vines family. We gave her this cross necklace as a baptismal gift.


lilhen said...

I am so happy for her and ya'll!! Prayers are answered! Sure miss you guys tons. Know you are loved, prayed for, and missed daily. Have a wonderful day!! Love ya'll Becky

Tim and Lee Shaw said...

Surely, you could have done better than Wimpys! :)

Dumela said...

Cool set of photos, reminds me of my time in Botswana.