Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chongwe Happenings

We have been without power for the last 26 hours because lightening struck the transformer outside our gate yesterday during a big storm. It did not effect all of Chongwe just our end of town. We called this morning and Zesco(power company) told us that they were waiting on the new transformer to come from Lusaka(45 min. away). Finally, around 2:00pm we saw them driving down the road loaded with our new transformer. By 3:00 our power was restored, Yipee! Then the truck tried to back out of the yard they had parked in only to get stuck. Kevin pulled them out part of the way and then they tried their other methods such as pushing and using a cum-a-long. It started to rain again so I left. I can still hear them out there now, three hours later still trying to get out. Kevin just got back and said that now they have a tractor trying to help which is now also stuck. In this whole process the big truck has busted one of the main water lines for this end of town so there is even more standing water. It looks like it could be a long night for these men.

When all else fails, push!

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