Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can you help, please?

Who is Lottie Moon?

Born into privilege on a Virginia plantation, Charlotte Digges Moon was a smart, forceful woman who could have achieved most any goal. But God’s call focused Lottie’s life on sharing Christ’s love with China’s lost masses. For 37 years she endured hardship and danger in a land oppressed by famine, disease and war. In the end, she loved the Chinese people more than life itself, giving her own food to starving neighbors – eventually dying of starvation herself.

Why is Southern Baptists’ international missions offering named for this early missionary? Throughout her career, Lottie wrote numerous letters home urging Southern Baptists to greater missions involvement and support. One of those letters, excerpted below, triggered Southern Baptists’ first offering for international missions in 1888 – enough to send three more missionaries to China.

“How many there are … who imagine that because Jesus paid it all, they need pay nothing, forgetting that the prime object of their salvation was that they should follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in bringing back a lost world to God.”--Lottie Moon, Tengchow, China, Sept. 15, 1887.

As missionaries with the International Mission Board, we are a part of one of the best mission sending agencies ever. We have always been taken care of in all areas, including financial. We are all blessed to serve the Lord overseas as Southern Baptist missionaries. The majority of our funding comes from the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) which is collected during this time of year annually. Last year our financial goal was not met. Since it was not met several different areas were affected. Our cluster prayer retreats and annual meetings for 2010 will not be held. Our MK's 12 and up attend an annual camp which will also be affected in 2010. All missionaries' work budgets, retirement, and medical benefits have also been decreased. In addition to these cuts we are also decreasing the number of new personnel who are being appointed to the field in order to stay within budget. We continue to praise the Lord even in the midst of these cutbacks for we know that He is sovereign. We also know that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and His desire is for the lost to believe in Him and be saved. As we continue sharing the gospel we ask you to prayerfully consider what amount you will give to the LMCO. Our LMCO goal this year is $175 million. Pray with us that this goal is met and exceeded resulting in more missionaries being appointed to reach the unreached.

We, as the Baptist Mission of Zambia are here because so many people/churches have given in the past. It is true that we are experiencing tough times in the USA and all over the world at this time. So we know, that whatever is given as an offering this year is going to be a sacrifice. We have sacrificed by leaving our families, jobs, and homes in the states to come and plant our lives in Zambia. I know it may look like we have a lot of missionaries in Zambia but the work is not finished. There is still so much to do! Many of you have sacrificed by praying for all of us, our people groups, and our countries. Some of you have even sacrificed by coming on short term mission trips to Zambia and other places throughout the world. Now, we are asking if you can please help again by giving to this offering. You can visit: and give online or you can give through your local Southern Baptist Church. We just want to thank you in advance for your sacrifice of giving!

How much does it cost to support a missionary?

• $40,931.64 a year
• $3,410.97 a month
• $787.15 a week
• $112.14 a day
• $4.67 an hour
• $.08 a minute

Support includes housing, vehicle, food, children's education, medical expenses, retirement and more. The following pics. are meant to just be a reminder to where your money is going.

If you give, we are able to continue to homeschool. Your money goes to buy my school books and allow my mom to stay home and teach me.

If you give, many others like these new missionaries to Africa will be provided with a good orientation program, 40/40, to help them learn African culture. "Thank You!"

"This is money so well spent. I am not sure what the other places around the world are doing as far as training but I am here to tell you that if you gave money to the IMB this past year, it was well spent in the education of its missionaries in Sub-Saharan Africa."-Kenny Vines-new missionary to Zambia.

"Thank you for giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Because you give I get to live in the great country of Zambia. I just got saved a few months ago and now I am teaching my friends about Jesus. Each afternoon I go to my neighbors house and share bible stories with them. My best friend even prayed to receive Christ!"- Hannah

Thank you!

Thank you! We live a long way from other people. This man came in a boat and brought us Bibles in our own language.
We have been taught the Word of God because you gave.

Your giving allows us to drive this 4 wheel drive truck so we can get to hard to reach places.
You also provide fuel for our truck!

Thank you!

Zikomo Kwambili!(Thank You!) My name is Daisy Chipanga. Because you give, there is a missionary that is able to drive an hour from her home and come teach the women in Petauke. I take the things I learn from her and teach others. Many women this past year have taken off their charms and stopped going to the witchdoctor and decided to follow Jesus!

My family, like many others, have been changed because of HIV/AIDS. Please give so that our lives can be changed because of the truth of God's Word.

Thank you for giving! I was able to hear about True Love Waits from a missionary. My husband and I are committed to just be with one another.

Your gifts went to buy this boat so that Kevin can tell others about Jesus along this river.

Thank you!


One day, some men came to my house and told me about Jesus. I repented of my sins and received Christ. Thank you for your gifts which allowed these men to come.

If you give, I may have the opportunity to hear the gospel one day and follow Jesus.

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