Sunday, December 16, 2007

What is your gift for Jesus on His birthday?

When I was a little girl, every Christmas morning after we all opened our gifts I would run to the phone and call my neighbor to tell her what I had gotten for Christmas and to see what she had gotten also. Then I would rush to get ready so I could go over to her house to see her things. Christmas is my favorite time of the year because excitement just seems to be in the air. As we were on our way to church this morning(it was an hour away), I began to think about Christmas and what it means to different people. For some, it is Santa Clause, presents, and being with family. For those in a 3rd world country if they aren't Christians it is just another day and for those that are Christians they have a special church service on that day. They don't decorate a tree or have presents yet they are so filled with joy because they are celebrating the birth of their Savior. Whatever Christmas means to you this year, I pray that you will recognize its true meaning and somehow try to focus on others more than yourself. Let's put Christ back in Christmas. In our family we are each trying to think of someone around us that we can do something special for before Christmas day and that is going to be our gift to Jesus this year. What will be your gift to our King?

These are some of the people that make up Chimusanya Baptist Church. Today we went to this church and Kevin was asked to preach. At the end of the service two people came forward saying that they wanted to receive Christ. God is good all the time!

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