Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthdays and Fall Fun!

 Yesterday was Kevin's birthday.  After he took his comprehensive exam for 6 hours it was time for some fun!  He opened presents and then we went to Kabuki Japanese Steak Restaurant.  The food and the show were so good!
Kevin opening presents.

Kevin's parents got him a leaf blower.

Here we are at the restaurant.

This was the man that fixed all of our yummy food.


Just check out the plate of rice!!  Thankfully, we got two meals for the price of one because we brought home enough leftovers for another whole meal!

These sweet women came and sang happy birthday to Kevin in Japanese.  They also brought him a little bowl of ice cream.

This past weekend we celebrated my father and Kevin's birthday in Elon.  Kevin was able to go to a Elon football game with my dad.  Then the girls went to see my niece compete in a gymnastics meet.  Here are some pics. below.
Sarah and Justin

Zach and Sarah playing a hand game.

Zach and Sarah riding the four wheeler.

Hannah and Justin playing in the leaves.

Zach took Hannah for a ride and she loved it!

Kevin and my dad.

Justin and Zach

Micaela, Hannah, and Macey enjoying a cupcake after her gymnastics meet.
After dinner my dad and Kevin opened presents.

my parents got him a drill

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