Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Celebrating 25 Years!

This past week on September 10th, Kevin and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by going on a cruise in the Eastern Caribbean.  This was our first ever cruise!  We had a great time and I didn't get seasick which I was worried about.  However, at the end I did get the flu and had to be quarentined to our room for the last day.  Thankfully, we had done all of our excursions and seen all the shows we had wanted to see.  We had a blast and it was one of the best vacations ever!  Hope you enjoy the pictures...

In the Bahamas we got to spend time with some dolphins.

 We even got to kiss it!

 and hug it

 We were on the Oasis of the Seas with Royal Caribbean.  It is a huge ship with lots to do on it.

 Overlooking central park on the ship.

 Inside the ship on the promanade deck.

 more dolphin pictures

 sea turtle


 This was a huge sting ray

 there were lots of characters on the ship

 our captain

 It was fun dressing up for meals!

 We loved our steward!  He did such a great job cleaning our room, answering our questions, and making our towels into animals!

 There were lots of shows on the ship which we enjoyed.  Unfortunately, we could not always take pictures.

 Isn't it massive!

 Our excursion in St. Thomas was to go out on this boat and go snorkeling.  It is called Sea Blaster because we got blasted by water going out to our site.  We had to wear our snorkel mask on the boat!!  

 While snorkeling we got to see sea turtles, sting rays, and many tropical fish.

 another view of the boat

 On our anniversary they brought us out a specail dessert and sang to us.

 In St. Marteen

 In St. Marteen we just went to the beach and enjoyed the day walking and swimming in the ocean.

 Kevin with Amy our Cruise Director.  She was a hoot!  

 This man won the belly flop competition!

 Another show we went to see.  We were amazed at how talented all the people were who were in the shows.

 These last two pictures are the people who were at our table all week  for dinner.  They were both such sweet couples and we enjoyed getting to know them.

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