Tuesday, October 8, 2013

World Hunger

There are almost 900 million hungrypeople in the world today. That’s about 1 in every 8 persons.

Last year, over 5 MILLION childhood deathsworldwide were attributed to hunger.

49 million Americans struggle with hunger, including 17 million children. That means 1 in 6 people do not get enough food to be healthy.

An estimated 35% of poor families in the U.S. are forced to choose between buying food and paying their rent or mortgage

Global Hunger Relief (formerly the World Hunger Fund) is the channel Southern Baptists use to meet hunger needs in North America and around the world. 100% of every gift you make meets hunger needs in North America and overseas. Your gift to Global Hunger Relief meets both crisis hunger needs and catalyzes change in conditions that cause hunger. Our goal is transformed lives ... for today, tomorrow, and forever. A full100% of your donation at worldhungerfund.com will be used to meet hunger needs.

This Sunday is the day that World Hunger will be emphasized in many churches.  Please prayerfully consider how much you should give to this fund.

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