Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Visit to a Local Orphanage

 Recently, we had a volunteer team from our home church in NC come and work out in the bush.  Their last two days they were in Lusaka so we visited a local orphanage.  
Above: The orphanage is building a school building so that the kids will not have to do school in their homes.

 feeding the fish in the Talapia farm

 Michael explaining about the talapia farm

 David and Lindsey on the see saw.

 four of the houses where the kids stay

 The vol. team did a short program with the kids.  They taught the kids some songs.

 the kids taught us some songs

 Then Caroline told the story of the Good Samaritan and then they acted it out.  It was so fun to watch them act out.

 A group of ladies at our church made these hats for all the children.  It was a blessing to hand these out to the kids.

 They all had smiles on their faces!

 A group picture

 We also played games with the kids.  The team brought lots of water balloons.

 They played duck, duck, goose.

 Tug of War

 Red Rover and several other games

It was such a fun day. 

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