Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Trip to Tete


 Recently Kevin traveled to Tete, Mozambique with Troy L. to visit with the Nalls family.  They rode in a very small plane.  This view is as they were flying in to Tete. 

 The Nalls have 3 precious children.  Kevin enjoyed playing with the kids when they were at the house.  

 He even helped Abigail pull her very loose tooth!

 He even got to help feed Daniel.

 For this special occasion all 4 of the churches that are in the “greater Tete city area” met together for worship.

 Chris, Kevin, and Troy

While in Tete, Troy shared with the churches on how to meet the needs of those in the community and reach out in Jesus' name.  

 Kevin preaching

They both really enjoyed their trip.  Pray for these churches to catch this vision of how they can minister to those in their communities who are in need.

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