Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bible School Graduation

Saturday we went to Chongwe for their Bible School Graduation.  These 13 students have been studying for 3 years.  It was an exciting day! Enjoy these fun pictures of our day!

 The graduates walking in.
They even decorated for the special occasion.

 This is where the board of governors, chairman of the Great East Road Assoc, some pastors, the executive secretary of the Baptist Fellowship, and Kevin(guest speaker) sat.

 The choir singing.  The choir leader was very animated and did a great job leading the choir.

 Kevin preaching

 The students getting their diploma and a bible.

 This is our friend, Loveness, who was graduating.  

 Tito sharing about Bible School.

 The graduates with all the others.

 Loveness with her friends and family.

 This man is the pastor of a church where  Kevin use to teach TEE at.

 Kevin with the Kamanga's.

 Me and Kevin with Loveness

It was so fun to see friends I use to work alongside of.

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