Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fun with Hannah


 On Tuesdays she was able to go with Julie to the seminary to teach the kids.  They were real excited to have her back.

 We made a short trip to Siavonga and she got to visit with her friends Taylor and Emily.  It was fun going out on the lake on a wave runner.

 The dogs enjoyed having Hannah here as well.

 Hannah celebrated her 15th birthday while here.

 Friends Emma and Sarah

 flowers for the birthday girl

 eating out

 looking at her baby book

 me and Hannah went to tea

 Julie and Hannah-Christmas Eve

 Julie and Hannah at their kids ministry

 going to mk camp

 Each year at mk camp there is a costume party New Years Eve. This year the theme was super hero's.  Hannah went dressed as Robin and a friend of hers went dressed as Batman.  Thanks so much Marci and Julie with the idea and help with this costume.  It turned out pretty good.

 a few pics from camp

 group pic-mk camp 2015

 Hannah and her friend Melody

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