Wednesday, November 2, 2016

AGM in Zambia

 Last week we were able to go back to Zambia for the Annual General Meeting for the Baptist Fellowship.  Kevin had been asked to speak several months ago and then we were also able to say bye to many people at one time from all over Zambia.
The picture above is of those who led us in our time of worship. 

  Kevin preached 5 times during the meeting.  Pastors and people representing the different churches came from all over Zambia.  It was so good to see so many people whom we only see normally once or twice a year.

 during a time of commitment


 John is retiring in December. The fellowship recognized him and gave him a gift.

 John sharing his last words.

 The Baptist Fellowship gave us a gift and had several people share some very kind words to us.  It was hard to say bye. 

 I stood and thanked them for the gift and for their support over the years.

 Kevin holding the gift and watching as I spoke.  I had to not look at him because it made me want to cry.

 Kevin preaching

 One day for lunch Grace made us a traditional Korean meal.  It was delicious!
It was a good few days back in Zambia.  Not sure when we will be able to go again but we will be looking forward to that time no matter when it is.  

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