Saturday, December 3, 2016

Our Container

 Yay!  Finally, our container arrived on Kevin's birthday, Nov. 23rd.  It arrived at 4:00 with lots of clouds in the sky with the promise of rain.
We prayed and they finished unloading it at 5:00 and then the rain started.  
I took a few before and after pics for you to see.

 dining room


 The truck had a hard time getting in our gate.  We thought they would just park outside and carry the things in but they insisted they could get it in.  In the process they had to run over 4 bushes which we have had to now remove.

 almost finished

boxes were everywhere

Today is the 3rd and we still are not completely finished but we have made a lot of progress.  Hopefully, by the end of this week we can be finished.

 Most everything made it ok.  We had a couple of cracked dishes, a mirror frame, and then our table cracked.  We bought this table right before we left Zambia.  In the move, it cracked from one end to about half way down the table.  It also became quite warped.  We were crushed!  The moving company hired someone to work on and see if they could fix it.  The first day he removed the top of the table from the legs.  It was originally one piece!  Here is the table after 2 days.  He put it on 4 tires, upside down.  We really didn't think it would work.  He had glued it and clamped it and then bolted it to the base.  I could hardly watch.  I just knew it would split all the way.

 Today he came and finished.  He had to sand it and varnish it but here is the finished product.  It's not great but it is better than having a crack in the middle.  In time, he says the streak will become darker.  We shall see....

Thanks for praying for our move and that the container would get here.  It was never opened at any of the borders.  It just took time.  We are so thankful to have our things once again.

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