Monday, February 13, 2017

Cultural Orientation

 For 20 days we had a cultural orientation for new people who came to live in East Africa.  While Kevin ran the program for the adults I got to watch the kids.  This time there were just two and they were 3 and under.  There are two phases to this program.  There is an urban portion and then a rural portion.  So while in Nairobi we (me and  a friend) took the kids to the elephant orphange and the giraffe park.  It was lots of fun!

 We were very close to the giraffe.  We could touch and feed them.

 I had a pellet of their food between my lips and they came and got it!

 Pretty gross, I know!  But pretty cool too!

 The second portion of the training was on the coast.  It was very hot but thankfully, we were just a few blocks from the ocean.  Several afternoons after the program was over Kevin and I would walk to the beach.  There always was a breeze which we enjoyed!

We would get a drink and enjoy the view for a few min!


 Here are a couple of pics that a friend of mine took as they were out doing their cultural learning.
Sometimes you just draw things out in the sand because you can. ha!

 A friend of mine learning to weave a mat.

 One night while we were out to eat this dog had climbed up on the car and just sat on top for a long time.  I had never seen such a thing!

 At the end of the program Kevin took me out to a restaurant which was in a cave.  It was so cool!

It even had an opening in it where you could look up and see the stars.

 The food was excellent!

Each day, I would take a tuktuk to watch the kids at their house.  This was a different mode of transportation for me.  
Me and Kevin in a tuktuk.  At least it was breezy for a few min.

 Love these eyes looking across at me especially when it involves a milkshake!


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