Friday, March 31, 2017


This is an area close to our house which I have been going to do ministry.  We have been going to the Baptist Churches in this area so I have been partnering with one of the ladies in one of the churches to go out.  We have prayerwalked, shared the gospel, visited schools and taught there, done a bible study with some alcoholics(who are trying to come clean), and Kevin has been teaching a SS class each week for the adults.  It's been so nice to be out more and feel like we are investing in African's lives again. 

 The children love to give me a high five or shake my hand when we are leaving.

 Here are a few pictures of us walking through the area.  I am also learning some swahili as we walk around.  


 Since Hannah is home she was able to go with me to a couple of the schools.  

 Here is one of the schools we went to.  I shared the story of Zacchaeus and then taught them a song from this story.  They caught on quick.  There are at least 200 kids in this picture!

 After being dismissed they all wanted to shake our hands or give us high fives and then they went back to their classes(on the right).

 This is another school we went to.  I was also able to teach here.
These children are precious!

Would you pray today for children writing their exams this week and next week? Pray they will do well and truly show what they have learned so far. Pray these students will have the opportunity to receive a good education.  These kids come together once a week at school with a special group of volunteers who go into these schools and share the Word of God. They are doing a tremendous job! Praise God that is allowed! Pray that these children would hide God's Word in their hearts and one day come to know Him.

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