Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mphamvu Baptist Church

Sunday we went to Mphamvu Baptist church(see website for story). This is a fairly new church that meets in this small school room. They said they usually have around 60-70 people in this small room to the left(see below). After church the women asked me if I would come to their women's meeting on Thurs. I was able to go this afternoon and spend some time with these women. I taught them a lesson about the prolem of unbelief. Then we sang and danced some. On the way home I dropped one of the women at her home. She wanted to show me her garden which was full of onions, okra, and corn. I'm always amazed at Zambians generosity. I came home with a bunch of onions. It was a fun day!

Mphamvu Baptist Church


Power lines that go beside the church. (see website)

These are the women that came to our meeting today.

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