Friday, March 26, 2010

Children are a blessing

"Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him." Psalm 127:3
Children can bring their parents much joy. They are a special blessing which God usually gives to marriage. If God does not give this blessing, the marriage can still be complete. If he does give this blessing, we should remember that children are a gift from God. God gives us our children, but he wants them to serve him. God does not give them so we can keep them for ourselves to use. He gives them to us to raise for his glory. Yesterday, I taught on this subject at my women's meeting that I went to. Our children really belong to God. Of course, we want them to be healthy, to learn well, and work well with others. I think most people would agree with those goals. But as Christians God wants us to have two goals for them. 1-to recieve Christ as Savior, and 2- to follow God's plan for their lives.
In some tribes parents think of their children as their own riches. They think of what they will receive from their children. They send their children to school so they will get money from them later. Their goal is that their children bring riches to their parents one day. That is why many Africans will have lots of children because they know that some will die and some will not be rich but then some will have enough and help provide for the parents as they get older.
Please pray that Zambians, who are believers, would raise their children to receive Christ and to follow Him.

I am so excited because my two sons, Zach and Justin, are coming home from boarding school tomorrow! Kevin will get home tomorrow night. So we will all be together as a family under one roof for a while!