Monday, March 15, 2010

The Northern Province of Zambia

This past Monday we embarked on a long trip to the Northern Province of Zambia. We had never been that far into the Northern province before so this was exciting for us to go and see how it compared to the rest of Zambia. It took us about 12 hours to reach Isoka which is where the Kimbrough family lives and serves. We had a great time with them and hearing all that God is doing in their area. It is especially fun to see what others lives are like so that we can better pray for them. They have 4 precious children that Hannah really enjoyed playing with also. Kevin went out with Blake and I was able to go with Dawnya to their market and meet some of their friends.

Hannah reading a book to Isabelle, Abigail, and Isaac.

Isabelle is the oldest of their children and a big help to her mommy and daddy.

Here is the Kimbrough family: Blake, Dawnya, Isabelle, Abigail, Isaac, and Amos.

On Wed. morning we left and traveled on to Luwingu to visit the Bowman family. I have pics. below of how bad the roads are in this province but nothing could have prepared us for the bad road from Kasama to Luwingu. It took us 2 hours and 45 min on this long road. It was raining and there was road construction on most of the road. I couldn't get any pics. mainly because I didn't want to get out in the mess. We had to drive in four wheel drive most of the way. However, on the way back there wasn't any rain and the road had dried up in most places so it was a bit better.

The Bowmans also have 4 precious children. While we were there Anna learned to ride her bike without training wheels. When she finally got it she just took off. We were all so proud of her!
Kevin went out with Josh since he had a teaching time and he really enjoyed that. He couldn't help bragging on how well Josh is doing in the language and in his work. I was able to go with Amy to the market and to a womens meeting. We enjoyed seeing them in their place of service and the people that God has called them to minister to.

I love this pic. of Luke getting in the truck. We were on our way to see the Bowmans cows. They have 4 cows plus a calf.

Josh and his son Caleb milking one of the cows.

Uncle Josh taught Hannah how to milk a cow. She is smiling in the pic. but she said it felt weird and gross.

Here is Hannah with Caleb, Anna, and Abby with their little calf that was born a few months ago. Her name is Star. Hannah even put her hand in his mouth like Abby is doing in this pic.!

Here are their cows.

After leaving the Bowmans we headed back to Kasama and spent a little time with Fequierre. We went to a meeting that afternoon and had lunch with many of the church leaders in Kasama. It was good to hear from them and their vision for doing community work there in Kasama. This is the church we met at. Unfortunately, I didn't get any more pics. in Kasama.

Like I said the roads are pretty bad in this province. There were so many potholes and what seemed like craters in some parts. I had to take a few pics. of the road and the beautiful mountains that we passed along the way.

The Northern Province is beautiful with lots of big mountains and plenty of trees, especially this time of year after so much rain.

We spent many hours on the road traveling. Thank goodness for portable dvd players that help entertain a certain little girl. She had just drank an energade and it turned her tongue green.

Please pray for these missionaries that we visited in the Northern Province of Zambia. The Adairs live in Kaputa but they are in the states now and then the Schwarz family is in Mbala. Unfortunately, we were not able to visit with them on this trip. So you can pray for the Kimbroughs, Bowmans, Fequierre, Schwarzs, and Adairs as they share the gospel among the Bamba people.

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