Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Anniversary

22 years ago on September 10th Kevin and I said "I Do."
We have been married for so long it is hard to remember my life before him.
Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful Godly husband.

You are the one for me..
the one I laugh and cry with,
the one who shares my hopes
and dreams, the one I love.

Since God brought you into my life,
you have always been the one...
making the hard times better,
and the good times sweeter.

I look forward to every new year 
the Lord gives us to walk
and talk and just be together.

You may kiss your bride!


Rachel said...

I love the wedding pictures.. So sweet!!

Blu and Darbi said...

Blu says "Wow...Kevin looked just like Wesley on The Princess Bride!!!"