Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back in Chongwe

This past Sunday we went to Chongwe to worship at Chikondi Baptist Church.  This was our first church service back in Zambia.  With a smile on my face and tears in my eyes we began singing and dancing to some Zambian choruses.  It was so good to be back in Zambia and be with the people we have grown to love so much over the last 13 years.
Our good friends Luke and Noria Buleya were also at Chikondi on this day.  Luke has been a friend of ours since day one in this country.  Now, he is the leader of the Baptist Fellowship for all of Zambia.  The above pic. is of me and Noria.
As you can see, the grass had gotten really tall in front of the church.  Since, it is hard for people to come during the week or on a Saturday the church just fixed lunch for those who would stay and slash grass. 
Chikondi Baptist Church
After church we went back to our old house to collect a few more things and then we went to lunch at Chingaipe.  We had nshima, cabbage, and chicken.  It was so good!  However, Chingaipe means this can be bad.  I think that is pretty funny.
After lunch we went to visit some more friends of ours from Chisomo Baptist Church.  When we left this house was only about 1/2 way up all around.  We were so excited that Amai Mwachamota had done so much on her house.
Me and Amai Mwachamota
This is Esther and her new baby girl, Lydia.  She was so precious!
I just had to get a pic. of this.  On our way back to Lusaka at one of the roundabouts they have just unveiled this large chicken in the center.  It is an advertisement but I think it looks funny.

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