Sunday, April 3, 2011

We are back in Zambia!

Hey Everyone!
I just wanted you to know that we did make it back to Zambia just fine.  We had as good as a trip as we could considering how long it was.  It was so good to be met at the airport by some of our missionary friends.  Then over the week being in some of their homes for meals was such a blessing so that we didn't have to worry about cooking right at first.  We were very tired that first week but we pushed through that and moved our things from Chongwe to Lusaka the day after we arrived.   We stayed at our baptist guest house for a couple of nights and then shifted to our house after we had our beds set up.  We got  a lot done but still have about 10 boxes to unpack and  a lot to organize and decorate.  This will just have to get done little by little.  The Sunday after we arrived in Zambia we left for Malawi to go to a mission meeting with our cluster.  We just arrived back in Lusaka last night.  We had a great meeting and I'll post some pics. of that in a few days.  Thanks so much for your prayers for us over these last few weeks.  We have seen God answer your prayers and ours. 
Please pray for us this week:
-to get internet at our house
-to finish unpacking
-for Justin and Hannah as we try to jump back into homeschool this week.
-for our dog, Sydney, to heal.  She was not doing well when we arrived so we took her to the vet.  She is on medicine for  a hematoma in her ear.
-for Kevin and I as we try to plan for this upcoming 40/40 which starts on the 21st of April!!

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