Thursday, June 16, 2011


 Some of you may recognize these kids from when we lived in Chongwe.  The back two girls are Dorcas and Deborah who are good friends of our daughter Hannah.  This week Hannah had the opportunity to go and spend two different days in Chongwe while Kevin did some preparation work for a volunteer team coming in July.  Dorcas and Deborah did not know Hannah was coming and she said they were so excited that she was there to spend the day with them.  She took her bag with her bible and coloring sheets and told them bible stories just like she used to do.  They went and got ice blocks and she also got to eat nshima and relish with them too.  Hannah has been missing her friends so I'm thankful for this opportunity this week for her to go and play with them.

 While we were in the states Amai Mulenga had another baby in Feb. They named her Hannah.  So now they have 4 children-Dorcas, Deborah, Mapalo, and Hannah.  She is the cutest little baby!

Dorcas carrying her little sister Hannah on her back.

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